Dr. Edward Magaziner

Edward S. Magaziner, MD Announces His Involvement in a New Breakthrough Pain Management Study

Arthritic Knee Treatment Study with Amnio Clear® LCT


North Brunswick, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2014 --The Center For Spine, Sports, Pain Management and Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine, Edward S. Magaziner, MD announced immediate availability for people who suffer with knee pain secondary to osteoarthritis to participate in a breakthrough study with Amnio Clear® LCT.

“Amnio Clear® LCT,” is a new product that provides a protective covering for articulating joints, such as the knee," says Dr. Magaziner.

Positive Customer Impact
Amnio Clear® LCT contains human hyaluronan, which occurs naturally in healthy knees. Hyaluronan is a key component of synovial fluid (the fluid in joints) and its special "jello-like" consistency cushions and protects the knee components as they move. “Finding natural treatments to help reduce joint pain and improve overall function is a goal at the Center For Spine, Sports, Pain Management and Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine,” said Dr. Edward Magaziner, Owner and Director of this clinic. “We have been involved with regenerative medicine treatments for the past 10 years.”

October 16, 2014 Availability
October 16, 2014 is the start of our new trial which will provide this treatment for 20 patients who meet the study requirements. We have been selected as one of 50 clinics across the country to participate in this study. October 16, 2014 enrollment is available for immediately by contacting our office at 732.297.2600 or visiting our website http://www.dremagaziner.com/.

About Edward S. Magaziner, MD
Founded in 1989, Edward S. Magaziner, MD (Center For Spine, Sports, Pain Management and Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine) is a leader in the field of bioregenerative medicine.

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