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Effective New Video Marketing App Cuts Costs and Makes Traditional Advertising a Relic

Forever changing the cost of traditional advertising the Cash Quest app gives business owners an overwhelming new advantage. Assuring a targeted audience and first-hand market research, advertisers pay as much as twelve times less to promote their businesses.


Crestwood, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2015 --In an era of DVRs and distractions who ever said advertising couldn't be a cost-effective win/win? And even though studies show 60% of commercials go unwatched, a company called Effective Commercial Advertising has just what their name suggests. Tying money to consumer commercial views the company will soon launch their Cash Quest app. The app creates the most cost-effective way to broadcast a video advertisement that actually gets seen. How so? App users will rack up as much as $300 a month to watch while advertisers will spend twelve times less than traditional advertising methods. How's that for a win/win?

Only paying for the ads that are actually seen, business owners will enjoy the benefits of a targeted audience 100% of the time. Marketing to a demographic or geographic location that will never garner sales is a thing of the past. Consumers fill out a profile that includes age, gender and zip codes that are used strategically. And no more consumers who speed through television ads on fast forward or go to the kitchen for a snack. Now ads get a potential sale's full attention because feedback equals money.

Consumers simply log onto the Cash Quest app and view a selection of commercial videos, app and movie trailers, and infomercials produced by partnering businesses. The app only requires an ad created on a smartphone that has good resolution and audio output. Once watched consumers will then give feedback, otherwise known as valuable market research, via a 3 to 5 answer questionnaire. They then will be rewarded for correct answers and the resulting cash will be deposited directly to their PayPal account within 48 hours. Video advertising just got simpler.

Matthew J. Toma, Founder and CEO of Effective Commercial Advertising said of the new innovative way to advertise, "We're changing the face of traditional advertising by making video marketing cheaper and more effective than ever before. We offer a wide variety of benefits that cable and television advertising could never match. The Cash Quest app guarantees that people are watching your advertisements or you don't have to pay. You can also control the number of times your audience watches. Cheap, effective mobile video advertising is about setting a daily budget that works. Going digital is the wave of the future."

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About Effective Commercial Advertising
Effective Commercial Advertising is a company that provides video marketing solutions via the Cash Quest iOS app. The company offers business owners a technology-based way to spend all of their ad dollars on a fully-targeted audience for 12 times less than traditional advertising.

Matthew J. Toma
Founder & CEO


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