eFlip Co. Reveals Differences Between PC and Mac Versions of eFlip Software

Between the PC and Mac versions of eFlip Standard, there are some different features and functions, I would be pleased to show the detail differences of them.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2013 --The China-based digital publishing software company, eFlip Co. (, now has available eFlip Standard for PC and eFlip Standard for Mac, and the PC version is being sold for $199 a piece, but Mac version only for $99 a piece. While the PC version is currently more popular, demands for the Mac version is increasing as customers request the same functions offered by the PC edition. There are several differences customers need to be aware of before making a purchase.

Currently available is the eFlip Standard for Mac version is not as mature as eFlip Standard which is for PC. The company has reported many customer service requests regarding project saving and importing, in addition to saving themes. These capabilities are currently only available for the PC version. eFlip Standard also lets users easily import free themes and templates from and use them for flipping books.

The Mac version does not support the themes and templates importation from the website. While users, however, can still flexibly design their own themes, which is relatively easy to do and does not take long. Based on the most customers are users of PC, there are not enough themes and templates for Mac users to apply, so many Mac users of the eFlip Standard have often requested the ability to have the same theme and template features as PC users have. The eFlip company is now working on updating the Mac version of eFlip Standard to support these functions in a later update. The company must be better and better both in eFlip Standard for PC and Mac.

It is worth to mention that eFlip Standard for Mac version supports Html, App and mobile versions, while the eFlip Standard for PC has all these three output potions, it supports to output zip and exe formats flipping book as well which is convenient for transmitting. And in eFlip Standard the app format is specialized for Mac to view the online digital page turning publications.

When we are talking about the output formats, one thing we have to notice that users of the PC version have all the functions included in eFlip Standard for Mac and more. In the PC edition, users can choose from multiple output options allowing them to publish e-books on websites and blogs, via email, or burn them to a CD. There are also toolbar, security, language, and copyright settings, plus more features Mac users often request. While eFlip Standard for PC is widely considered more versatile, the eFlip company is focusing its attention on the Mac version to cater to users’ demands.

The eFlip company regularly updates its pdf to flipbook software based on users’ feedback. So its aim is becoming easier and more convenient for users in many different areas. For Example, businesses can use it to make brochures, magazines, and even manuals and reports; individual consumers can also take advantage of the simple interface and create photo albums and other creative works without any programming, graphics, or Flash knowledge.

To learn more about eFlip Standard for Mac, visit, while details on the more feature-packed eFlip Standard for PC are found at Flipbook Software.

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