eFlip Software Can Help Self-Publishing Author on E-Book Marketing


GuangZhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2013 --eFlip, a digital publishing tool company and producer of eFlip Standard, has launched tips to help authors reach their target audience. The software includes many useful features for converting PDF into page flipping e-books. Once these are completed, authors, have numerous options for getting the attention of readers. To start, they can use the company’s Upload Online Server, an Internet-based storage system which software owners have direct access to. This way, one does not even have to have a website to get their e-book read. For eFlip Standard version, 5GB free space which can accommodate 250+ flipbooks is provided with it.

Another way to catch readers’ attention, according to the company, is to fully utilize the professional software’s multimedia functions. If eFlip Professional is chosen, authors can easily add video, sound, images, and photo slideshows to their e-book without any technical experience. These assets make the e-book more attractive and add engaging content that readers are often enticed by. Adding them is simple via the easy-to-use tools on the software interface; any multimedia element will appear automatically when the viewer turns to the appropriate page.

Sharing is another benefit of the software. To reach the target audience, one does not have to look farther than easily accessible tools online. Both the eFlip Standard and eFlip Professional software allow control over the sharing function of an e-book, which lets readers send the book to friends via e-mail, or on social networks. Distributing creations throughout a social network lets readers do the promoting and the designer’s e-book to get noticed.

With the eFlip flipbook software, e-books can easily be branded and copyright protected. This helps viewers become accustomed to the author’s style and product. The software provides a simple way of setting a password, so the e-book is instantly copyright protected. Users can also activate the search feature, so readers have the ability to locate content that interests them the most. With the fast-paced world of the Internet, search functionality has become imperative in drawing an audience.

The company also suggests authors conduct market research before writing the flippingbook. Only then can a marketing strategy be developed. Press releases are another effective strategy for getting published e-books noticed; by including links in the announcement, the author can draw readers to the publication. With Google Analytics tools built in, it is also wise to check on how many people are reading the e-book. This will help gauge the effectiveness of a particular marketing strategy. Social media is also an effective means to promote e-books and draw the attention of readers.

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