eFlip Standard Is Updated with Flippingbook Library Capability

The flipping book making software eFlip Standard has been updated with cool bookcase features in its latest version. Users can now display their uploaded books in a virtual bookcase.


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2013 --Just about everything is becoming digitalized these past ten years or so. From online photo albums to eBooks, digitalization is allowing technology users to take photos, books and documents with them. Now computer users can use eFlip Standard to easily convert documents to eBooks as well as read and organize them using a digital library.

Now users can convert any PDF, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice document into an eBook by using the eFlip Standard. This software offers unlimited publishing online, a table of contents for eBooks, prevention from unauthorized use and text search. Although all of these are incredibly useful features, probably the most useful would be the easy-to-build online digital library using eFlip’s BookShelf.

Users can upload up to 5 GB worth of eBooks free by using the eFlip Server. After creating an eBook with eFlip Standard, users can create flipping eBooks then upload them online to the server. After uploading the eBooks to the server, users can view documents on their iPad, iPhone, tablet or Android phone.

To create their BookShelf, users simply go to the eFlip Server and either login or register. They then create a new BookShelf and are given a unique link to their BookShelf. After this, users can add and customize content on their BookShelf and access their content on multiple devices.

Users can also share their BookShelf by sending a link via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Customizable backgrounds are also available for their BookShelf to create a unique personality for their online books and documents.

With an incredibly user-friendly interface, many users have found this program helpful for their organizations or businesses. PC World said, “eFlip offers you the easiest way to supercharge your PDFs.” Even the unique BookShelf feature has proven to be very user-friendly and useful for anyone with multiple technology platforms they take with them on business trips, vacations or just even out to lunch. Anywhere reader’s device has internet, BookShelf will be with her/him as well as any of the documents publisher uploaded to the eFlip Server.

About eFlip Standard
eFlip Standard was created by eFlip Co Ltd and strives to provide amazing programs at low prices. Based in China, eFlip Co Ltd was established in 2009 and develops eFlip products for both PC and Mac interfaces. eFlip Co Ltd keeps developing unique and useful flippingbook software at a reasonable price and aims to be the global leader of digital publication software within the next five years.