Egemin Automation Inc.

Egemin to Showcase E'gv Compact at Pack Expo

Egemin’s E’gv Compact product fills gap between AGC (automatic guided cart) and custom AGV (automatic guided vehicle)


Holland, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2016 --At the upcoming Pack Expo in Chicago, Egemin Automation will showcase its E'gv® Compact, a small yet robust Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) specifically designed to handle standard-sized loads at higher capacities than traditional AGCs (Automatic Guided Carts) currently on the market.

The E'gv Compact can operate as a tugger vehicle capable of towing up to 10,000 pounds, which is about five times the capacity of an AGC. The base vehicle can also be fitted with multiple fork options (Counterbalance, Straddle, Fork-over, or Pop-up Fork) or can operate as a Unit-load vehicle utilizing a single or dual Roller Deck. Because of the off-the-shelf nature of this product, the turnaround from order to delivery is about 75% faster than that of a custom AGV. Because of the low up-front cost, the ROI is considerably faster.

The E'gv Compact is fast and easy to install, and its price gives it a faster ROI than a custom vehicle. Its footprint is 33% that of a standard AGV, allowing it to work in tighter spaces and take up less space in your facility. Built with heavy-duty welded steel, it's a hearty, robust solution for many applications. Egemin's compact yet powerful solution is fully integrated with existing or new Egemin AGV systems, allowing for additions of simple moves to a complex system without requiring additional custom vehicles.

Despite its small footprint, the E'gv Compact can still handle standard sized loads, unlike AGCs, which handle only a fraction of what the E'gv Compact can handle. The E'gv Compact also boasts top (fully loaded) speeds of 200 feet per minute.