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Ramadan and Eid Party Collections Break New Ground in Islamic Holiday Celebrations

Silver Envelope, the Islamic Party & Stationery Company, presents Eid in-a-Box and Ramadan Iftar in-a-Box party solutions


Richmond, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2013 --With it's latest Ramadan & Eid collections, Silver Envelope is adding a new twist on how Muslims plan for and celebrate Islamic holidays. Founded in 2001, the nation's first Islamic Party & Stationery company is now offering all-in-one party kits that offer everything from greeting cards and gift wrap to halal food kits, party games and decorations. "Parents expressed to us the many practical challenges of Ramadan. Whether it is juggling working a 9 to 5, shuttling the kids around to different activities or school, fasting, cooking meals or planning Eid and Iftar parties, our community is looking for solutions to these problems. We created this year's Ramadan and Eid party products specifically with this in mind," explains founder Raana Smith.

Renowned for having worked with cutting-edge Islamic designers like Peter Gould and established calligraphers like Haji Noor Deen, the last few months have seen the company go in new and innovative directions including collaborations with My Halal Kitchen on halal party products and Australian designer Iva Izman on Islamic home decor items. In a recent Huffington Post article Ms. Smith relayed her enthusiasm for what is happening, "We are targeting people who are looking to revive the Islamic spirit, who are looking to create their own American traditions grounded in Islam, who want to help children get excited about being Muslim through fun products and characters."

As a recent study by Dinar Standard illustrated, over 70% of American Muslims want to have companies acknowledge Islamic holidays. Ms. Smith emphasizes her belief that Muslim owned and operated businesses are ready to respond. "We all have the ability to do something special here. I really believe we are at the cusp of something beautiful and amazing. There is an immense desire among Muslims in the West and across the world, to celebrate holidays, to feel proud in who they are and to communicate to the rest of the world the many Ramadan and Eid traditions that make our community so diverse and inspiring."

Coming on the heels of new events around the country and the increasingly collaborative networks that have emerged from conferences such as ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), AMCC (American Muslim Consumer Conference) and Reviving the Islamic Spirit, Silver Envelope is part of a shift of energy and excitement in the Islamic community. "From my perspective the rapid and sudden emergence of muslim businesses is a huge cause for celebration and we count ourselves lucky to be a part of such a movement of individuals and ideas. It's been a very empowering feeling to watch a movement of mom and pops, muslimahs, brothers, and sisters sprouting up with crafty, catchy ideas and inspired businesses," Ms. Smith adds.

In light of her new products and the growth of products to in the community she was recently asked about the increasing commercialization of Ramadan and the dangers associated with it. She emphasizes the importance of ideas and products coming from within the community. "There is some appropriate fear that Islamic holidays will be commercialized by companies that are interested strictly in widgets and the bottom line. I think it is an important conversation to have. I believe the people who best know what the needs of our community are, are people from within the community. In my mind, it is important that any changes come from within our communities and are not imposed on us from the outside. Our faith, our holidays, and how we celebrate them are so intertwined. Disconnecting where the products come from and the motivations for them from our own practice and faith is not the future I see or hope for."

About Silver Envelope LLC
Silver Envelope is the nation's first Islamic Party & Stationery company founded in 2001. The company is based in the United States and Qatar. Recently named a top 5 trending start-up by the American Muslim Consumer Conference, the company offers fun, elegant and modern Islamic party products and gifts that make Islamic holidays more fun. Featured in the Huffington Post, Disney Baby and the Chicago Tribune among others, Silver Envelope seeks to bridge old and new Islamic traditions and bring practical party solutions for modern muslim families.