EKOOR Unveils Bluetooth Proximity Beacons to Make the Smart Home Even Smarter

Live on Kickstarter, EKOOR are the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Solar Charging Beacons Powered by Indoor Lighting


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2016 --EKOOR launches a series of iBeacon and eddystone compatible Proximity Beacons aimed at providing proximity intelligence to smart homes among many other applications. The Proximity Beacons are fully powered from ambient indoor light and eliminate battery swaps for years.

The Beacons are small low energy Bluetooth devices that you can place anywhere at your home, office, retail store, museum etc. They allow you to receive notifications or automate and control smart things based on location or proximity of your smart phone.

Eco-Friendly Beacons: 

The Beacons themselves are Eco-friendly as they harness indoor light through a highly efficient photovoltaic cell to power the Beacon. While the Beacon need only little light to operate, an additional backup battery is in place to supply power when sufficient lighting conditions are not available for extended time periods.

Proximity Intelligence in Smart Homes

Beacons can provide an additional proximity intelligence layer to smart homes to activate/deactivate devices depending on someone's presence with their smart phone in different regions in a home. Such automation could also save energy costs by activating smart devices when the occupants really need them.

EKOOR Beacons can now be combined with the Beecon IOS App from Beaconsandwich or BeaconThings App from Samsung SmartThings, to control literally any smart home device automatically depending on someone's presence in different regions in a home.

EKOOR Beacons and the Beecon App enable users to perform a multitude of actions:

- Create beacon regions (e.g. kitchen) to trigger actions or notifications 
- Turn on/off Philip's Hue and LIFX smart Light bulbs depending on region
- Control Infrared Smart Appliances when users enter or leave a region
- Send a tweet, open URLs, or launch certain IOS Apps when users enter or leave a region

Alternatively Samsung SmartThings users can use BeaconThings IOS App to do the same with Smart Things and other compatible devices. Furthermore EKOOR also has a rich set of developer tools to create any proximity based applications be it in assistive living or proximity advertising to name a few.

The EKOOR Beacons starts at $45 on Kickstarter with multiple qualities and premium models available at an additional cost.

EKOOR is now live and the beacons are available for purchase on Kickstarter here:

EKOOR is all about combining embedded devices, green energy and internet to make smarter applications using smart power be it in retail, healthcare or manufacturing etc. EKOOR is currently focused on proximity and indoor positioning based end-to-end solutions that can address different market needs in home automation, Proximity Marketing and other location based services.

For more information on EKOOR visit: http://www.ekoor.io