Elanex Announces New API Connection to on-Demand Translation Service expressIt

RESTful interface to fully automated workflow for 24x7 access to specialist translators


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2016 --Elanex, Inc., a world leader in fast and accurate translation services, today announces the availability of the Elanex Translation API. It provides a RESTful programming interface to their on-demand translation service, expressIt. expressIt Artificial Intelligence (AI) workflow and project management technology connects specialist translators and editors into a seamless, 24x7 fully-automated professional translation system.

Built with developers in mind, the Elanex API follows RESTful design principles using the human readable JSON format for data exchange. Customers can connect their app and order professional human translation in minutes thanks to a simple, secure, no-coding-required authentication mechanism. Webhooks then enable your system to receive important information about your translation project in real time.

"Our studies have shown that a large percentage of the time required to complete a translation project is waiting," said Donald Plumley, CEO of Elanex. "Waiting for a quotation, waiting to receive approval, waiting for the project manager to switch tasks between projects, and so on. Our expressIt technology uses advanced workflow automation to remove the waiting time for a professional translator and editor to complete their assignment. We are proud to announce the availability of the Elanex Translation API to further support our clients' interest to connect their platforms seamlessly to our on-demand 24x7 translation service."

Serguei Komarov, Elanex CTO and SVP of Engineering, commented, "The RESTful API is the next step in streamlining how enterprises can initiate routine translation requests. Through this direct connection to our fully-automated human translation management platform, we enable our clients to integrate translation into their publishing or production workflows as an extension of their own enterprise processes."

The Elanex Translation API is scalable and flexible. Supporting the world's languages in any combination, our technology selects from over 36,000 qualified professional translators and editors the most suitable linguists for your specific content. Using OData syntax, you can query, filter, and sort information about your projects and answer questions such as, "How many completed translation projects do I have where the source language is Spanish?"

"While API's may be common, a direct connection to a fully-automated professional translation workflow is not. Our conversation with industry analysts confirmed that expressIt technology remains novel and it offers a higher level of sophistication and depth. This delivers advantages to our clients requiring high-volume, urgent professional translation," Mr. Plumley concluded.

Documentation and information about the Elanex Translation API are available online at api.elanex.com.

You can also learn more about expressIt translation automation at translate.elanex.com.

About Elanex
Elanex is a world leader in fast, accurate, and easy translation. The largest international companies rely upon our professionally managed service to confidently communicate multi-language content to their customers around the world. Our technology-enabled process is proven for the most demanding and time-sensitive needs of our high technology/IT, finance, manufacturing, legal/M&A, energy, and consumer retail clients. In any language, any format, anywhere, anytime - Elanex delivers.

expressIt is available 24/7 at www.expressitnow.com. Ordering is simple and fast, with pricing and timing clearly shown before purchase. Additionally, it's very easy to try out. expressIt translates Microsoft® Office® documents, as well as HTML, PDF, .RESX and many other formats, in over 100 language combinations and 100 subject areas.