UAB Eldorado Market Publishes Infographic Showing Most Expensive Video Game Items Ever Sold


Vilnius, Lithuania -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2019 --The popularity of Massively Multiplayer Online Video Games is huge and growing all the time, creating an industry for video game items and services that simply didn't exist a few years ago. One that fascinates both gaming insiders and outsiders is in-game video game items and currencies that carry high price tags. To help illustrate the state of the in-game trading industry today, recently thoroughly researched the subject and then took the data they gathered and created an Infographic Featuring the Most Expensive Video Game Items in Online Games. The prices these items sold for are likely to leave many people stunned, to put it mildly. These prices are not adjusted, and resemble the price it was sold for at that time.

The experts at Eldorado have also pointed out that in-game items having prices on them is not a new development at all. "The first sales of in-game items began well over a decade ago and from then onwards, the prices of virtual items continued to climb. We have gathered a comprehensive list of the most expensive items sold in online games to this day and we anticipate that in the future even greater and more impressive numbers awaits us," remarked Digital Manager Modestas Galvys for the Eldorado infographic.

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"We think this is the most fun way to make money, play games you like, and also earn real money. Not all video games allow this to happen, but there are some games, like Old School Runescape, or World of Warcraft where many young kids, earn their salary, selling gold or items they farmed, to other players. This is a really fascinating market," said authorities.