Electronic Cigarette Advocates Target the Food and Drug Administration with a Petition from the Public has organized a petition that allows electronic cigarette users and advocates to directly contact the Food and Drug Administration. This petition allows vapers to ask the FDA for fair consideration as the organization prepares to regulate the electronic cigarette industry.


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/26/2013, a website dedicated to providing reliable information to electronic cigarette users, or vapers, has started a petition aimed at requesting that the Food and Drug Administration apply fair regulations in their upcoming oversight of electronic cigarettes. Currently the FDA does not formally regulate the electronic cigarette industry; however they are slated to redefine “tobacco products” in a manner which would classify electronic cigarettes under the same laws as tobacco cigarettes. If electronic cigarettes are to be regulated under The Tobacco Control Act, a huge number of current and future electronic cigarette users will be adversely affected.

In order to provide as many outlets as possible for electronic cigarette users to voice their opinion, has organized a public petition to the Food and Drug Administration. This petition is designed to allow normal citizens to show their support for electronic cigarettes. In the petition, lays out a clear request to regulate electronic cigarettes as individual products. reports that it is in the best interest of the community to apply fair and logical legislation for vapor products. They also point out that additional research must be done on the effects of electronic cigarettes before they can be justly regulated under the Tobacco Control Act. As electronic cigarettes have not proven to have the same health effects as tobacco cigarettes, applying additional regulation and taxation would harm both the electronic cigarette industry and the community at large.

Those interested in taking part can sign the electronic petition on’s website. The form takes a brief minute to fill out and verify. Petitions are sent directly to representatives within the Food and Drug Administration. It is the hope of that both electronic cigarette users and non-users alike will take part in signing the petition. Incorrectly classifying this product has the potential to produce negative implications from both a health, and a fair legal policy standpoint. Electronic cigarettes have helped thousands of smokers to stop smoking, with more smokers joining the ranks on a daily basis.

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