Elementsphere Announces Indiegogo to Bring First Run of Pure Silver, Tungsten, Copper, Titanium and Niobium 1KG Spheres to Market

The power and beauty of nature when reflected upon can be both calming and transformative. Innovators Element Sphere certainly endorse this idea and are executing it in a unique way. Recently, they announced the launch of a Indiegogo campaign to bring pure professionally crafted 1KG spheres made from one of five different elements to market, that are stunning in every way.


Pforzheim, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2017 --People looking for a unique piece of natural art to deliver personality and open up conversations on one hand, or even be used for things like enhancing meditation practices on the other have a very good reason to be happy. The innovative team around the creator of Element Sphere, after having built up interested in their mission in quite creative ways over the last few months, have announced they are launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring to market the Element Sphere line – featuring five different choices of pure 1KG spheres each made of a different remarkable element, with a unique look, feel and some even say "energy" that they bring with them into a home or office. Interest in the crowdfunding campaign, which will be hosted on Indiegogo, is high.

"We couldn't be more excited about our Kickstarter and the fact our Element Spheres will be in the hands and homes of happy customers quite soon," commented a spokesperson from the company. "Every effort has been made to keep the quality of our Element Spheres are high as possible – and that means they are pure and perfect – and they are crafted by true artisans and finished with the skills of century-old tradition here in Pforzheim."

According to Element Sphere, the initial line offers Element Spheres in five different choices, all quite visually stunning, pure and solid, weighing 1KG and crafted with the perfect mixture of "old know how" and modern skill in Pforzheim, Germany, a town with a long and illustrious history of having some of the world's best jewelers, dating back to 1767. The size of the spheres varies due to the density of the elements, with the current pure elements available being silver, tungsten, niobium, copper, and titanium.

Early reviews from customers who have been lucky enough to receive examples of the pre-crowdfunding launch ElementalSphere has been positive across the board - a sure sign of good things for Indiegogos campaign's prospects.

Michel J., from Bremen, recently said, "The simplicity and the brilliance of the spheres help me to focus easily just by looking at them and taking a few deep breath. It was a very special moment to hold something perfect in my hands for the first time."

For more information be sure to visit http://elementsphere.com.

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