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Confidence eliminates bullying – TAG 4 Change movement is world wide and a force for change from the us to uganda, africa and back


Melbourne, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2018 --The TAG 4 Change Movement teaches children, parents and teachers the methods to increase children's confidence by making them aware they are Talented, Able, & Gifted (TAGs). Focusing on their strengths and building their self-esteem shows children how to believe in themselves and not the mean words of the bully. Marty L. Ward, founder of Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc 501c3 has brought this global movement to Uganda, Africa to continue her work to put an end to bullying around the world. Ward points out, "When you don't believe the bully, you are not hurt by their words or actions."

The unique approach of Confidence Eliminates Bullying ("CEB") Programs is it focuses on what we want – Confident Kids rather than on what we don't want – more bullying. Passionately moved in 2011 when she read about a 10-year-old girl, cheerleader, honor roll student, Ashlynn Conner of Ridge Farm, Illinois, who chose to kill herself rather than go to school to confront the bully one more time, Ms. Ward thought "Enough!" Learning that more than 4000 kids committed suicide last year because of bullying, she launched into this Global Movement.

With a background as a teacher, school-based social worker and now as a Transformation Strategist for entrepreneurs, Ward has witnessed the pain and devastating effect that bullying can have on self-esteem, personal and financial success.

Ward's approach is founded on the proven scenario, "we can't stop the bully from doing or saying what they want," yet the results of her efforts to train teachers, administrators and parents to create more resilient, Emotionally Intelligent children who "believe in themselves not the mean words of the bully," are proven to work. Children are able to make situational decisions that are supportive rather than hurtful.

The Confidence Eliminates Bullying movement not only focuses on the child being bullied, but also the bully. By teaching a bully they are Talented, Able, & Gifted (TAGs), they are empowered to feel confident on their own merits. They no longer need to feel powerful by hurting others.

The CEB program has been successfully implemented in Florida and as far away as Uganda and Tanzania.

Ward is raising funds with the 501c3 non-profit Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. to complete training children, parents and teachers in Uganda in March, as part of her mission to provide in-depth training and expand the TAG 4 Change CEB Movement to more schools in Africa, as well as take the training beyond its previous reaches in the US.

Ward will personally be delivering in-depth training to Pastor Buni Alex who is the Africa liaison to the Confidence Eliminates Bullying program in Africa and his 28 Leaders. She will also be meeting the District Education Officer, Alice Doya, to discuss further implementation of the CEB programs in more schools.

Since eight elementary schools and two secondary schools in Africa use her program, she will be teaching over 5,000 children and training 1,000 parents and teachers the TAG methodology of creating confident kids. All will experience a BEING ME MATTERS Celebration that confirms the gift that each child is to our world.

To view pictures and video of the events in Africa, visit:

The fundraising will provide a "Clean Water - Clean Fun" Gift to at least 10 Ugandan schools, as Ward has found sponsors to give a water filtration system and a soccer ball to each of the schools that uses her program.

In the US, the story is different. Ward is tired of hearing from teachers and administrators, "We would love you're your program, but we have no budget." "We have kids lives to save," says Ward. "We must teach kids, parents, and teachers to believe in themselves so much that no one can steal their confidence!"

The further goal is to raise $50,000 or more so in addition to the work in Africa, CEB Programs can be implemented in 6 or more schools and various summer programs in the US this year.

By contributing to the Tag 4 Change Movement Campaign, you will be helping provide programs that empower children to know they have everything they need within themselves to become happy and successful adults, decrease bullying and suicides, while increasing the sense of wellbeing within our communities globally.

The fundraising campaign is ongoing and there are US and Africa based Sponsorship opportunities available.

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