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Eliminating Genital Herpes - Improved Formulation Released

An enhanced Viradux-AU anti-herpetic cream is now available


Sydney, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2013 --Viradux Research, LTD, announced today that it has developed an improved formulation of its leading anti-herpetic cream Viradux-AU.

Bob Hastings, director of marketing at Viradux Research, LTD announced; “Preliminary observations are suggesting up to 40% improvement in viral responsiveness when compared to the first generation Viradux-AU.” This was reportedly achieved by expanding the effectiveness of several key protein inhibitors found in compounds already known to have anti-viral properties. “The combined modality of these well-known elements with our existing delivery system has raised the overall effectiveness. Our original expectation was a fairly modest increase. We are now seeing over 80% of users describing their experience as {completely satisfied with outcome after indicated use}. These preliminary results exceeded our expectations and give us some interesting avenues to pursue.”

The reformulated compound began shipping in July of 2013 and is now available through our web sales channel to HSV2 positive individuals, and their partners, whose lives have been impacted by genital herpes. “Our ultimate goal” continued Mr. Hastings “is a product that is able to eradicate all the various types and sub-types of HSV2 infection with 100% effectiveness. While we are not there yet, I am much more confident that the science will get there in the near term. I’m also pleased to announce that there are no expected pricing increases and the 2oz container will remain priced below $30 USD, before shipping, for the near term.”

About Viradux
Viradux Research, LTD is a provider of anti-herpetic treatment solutions targeted at the rapid resolution of symptoms related to HSV1 and HSV2 infections. A multi-faceted solution to HSV2 (typically genital) infections is provided in the form of an anti-herpetic topical treatment, marketed globally under the trade-name Viradux-AU™. This solution has also been shown to reduce symptoms, speed healing and prevent future outbreaks in people with moderate to severe HSV2 infections. In 2013, Viradux Research, LTD released to market Viradux-ColdSore™ as the only effective anti-herpetic HSV1 treatment currently available based on type-III epidermal transportation compounds. Viraudx-ColdSore™ lip balm has been shown to speed healing of existing herpetic lesions and prevent the reoccurrence of future outbreaks associated with moderate-to-severe HSV-1 infection.

Further information regarding research results, product information, and viral epidemiology can be found at the company's websites: Viradux Home Page and Viradux-ColdSore Home Page