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Zhongshan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2021 --Auger Filler is one of the main Elinpack products. It facilitates the design and manufacture of rigid container filler, automatic big bag filler, and semi-auto auger filler. In addition, this machine integrates seamlessly with a horizontal packer, VFFS packer, and Drybag packer to make an automatic bagging system.

Elinpacks Auger Filler comes in five different versions that customers can pick according to their needs. They are designed and manufactured by experienced and certified engineers. If consumers are looking for auger filler for sale online, then they can pick any of the five models available on Elinpack's website. They also have three types of semi-automatic Auger filling machines. The best thing about these machines is that people can easily disassemble them for cleaning and installation. Besides, they come with PLC and touch screen control that makes them independent.

Best rigid containers to order online
Elinpack sells one of the best rigid container fillers that consumer can find online. These can feed flexible and rigid containers such as glass jars, plastic cups, and metal cans automatically with any powdered product. There are several models of rigid container fillers that consumers can pick from depending on their requirements.

Whether people are looking for a high speed or a diverse range of specifications, Elininpack has it all. These models are affordable solutions that will satisfy all consumers packing needs. In addition, these machines are full of stainless steel, which makes them last for a long time. The rigid container fillers come with a built-in load cell that helps in checking dispensing results. Besides, they also have a reject function to get rid of the unqualified dispensing result.

Elinpack supports custom packing machine
Elinpack strives to become the leading player when it comes to packaging solutions. This is why they create custom packing machines according to the needs of the clients. In addition, they also pursue to provide value-added machines embedded with constant innovations to all their customers worldwide. When it comes to the packaging industry, one size cannot fit everybody. So to ensure every customer is satisfied, Elinpack addresses all the applications independently.

After-sale Service Support
Elinpack pack offers after-sale service support to ensure that their customers get the best value. Some of the services that it offers after-sale include:

1.Regular return visit- People can schedule when they need the experts to visit their plan (two times a year)
2.Warranty- Man inflicted damage except for wearing parts are charged
3.Installation and Commissioning
4.Lifetime paid service- Engineers are dispatched to them within 36h if requested.
5.Unscheduled visit

About Elinpack
If customers are looking for a company that will help them solve all their packaging solutions, then Elinpack might be the best option for them. It provides packaging solutions and tools and ranks among the best in the world. Additionally, it boasts several certifications such as quality control, ISO9001, environmental management, and quality management systems. They are highly experienced in the industry as they started their operations in Early 2010.