ELO Reusable Straws Aim to Help Rid Landfills and Oceans of Plastic Waste


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2018 --Plastic straws are among the most common types of garbage found in landfills and oceans, as hundreds of millions of people all over the world use them each day. ELO Labs, short for "earth, land, ocean," has designed innovative new reusable straws in an effort to combat this growing problem.

Made from a high-quality anodized aluminum alloy, these straws are designed to be used over and over again, saving a plastic straw from polluting the environment each and every time. Measuring about 9 inches in length, an ELO straw can accommodate most typical drinking glasses and cups, even to-go varieties. The straws are available in four colors: red, blue, yellow and pink.

Because the straws are about the same width as a pen or pencil, they are easy to tuck into a purse or pocket to take to restaurants or events that commonly use plastic straws. Users can then request their beverages without straws as they already have their own. Each straw set comes with a convenient flannelette carrying case to protect the straws from dirt, lint and other debris in the bottom of the user's pocket or purse. The set includes a cleaning brush as well.

In addition to the straws themselves, each purchase also gives users access to the brand's habit-changing mobile app. Studies estimate that it takes about 21 days to make or break a habit, and the app capitalizes on that fact, sending users reminders to bring their reusable straws for three weeks. The app incorporates gamification as well, calling itself the 21-day straw challenge. Users can compete against their friends or themselves for the longest streak.

ELO Labs has already completed all of the necessary product testing and is ready to bring the straws to market. The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds. The campaign has a funding goal of $7,685, of which it has already brought in more than $1,700. The campaign will continue until August 31.

Campaign backers can get a set of three ELO straws, along with the carrying bag and cleaning brush, for just $11, a 20-percent discount off the expected retail price. For just $1, the app membership is included as well. ELO Labs expects to deliver products in October 2018.