Elove's Julie Ferman on Why Couple Failed Due to This 1 Question

Julie Ferman, Executive VIP Matchmaker at ELOVE, reviews one of the most vital questions that should be known early in a relationship. ELOVE, voted Best Matchmaking Sevice, had Julie review one of the biggest eLove's complaints - Top reasons why relationships fail!


West Lake Village, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/21/2012 --Elove's, Chief Relationship Expert, Julie Ferman reviews viral video of couple who after five years together split up because, somehow, they neglected to ask the most important question of all during the early days in their relationship – Who Wants Kids?

Julie Ferman, eLoves's Executive VIP Matchmaker and winner of IDate’s Best Matchmaker Award three years running, offers invaluable advice for men and women alike who are actively dating and looking for a lifelong partner.  As a Matchmaker and dating coach, she reviews relationships and understands the biggest complaints and reasons why they fail. Julie knows from many years of experience that the most critical question of all during the early days of courtship is “Who wants marriage and babies?”

Many couples are hesitant to introduce the topics of marriage and children early in a relationship but, as eLoves's, Julie Ferman, points out, it will save much time and heartache if you simply review your true desires for the future of the relationship.

If you are a young woman who has always dreamed of a family and whose clock is ticking madly or if you are a man who is dating women whose clocks can’t help but to tick, you must have the courage to ask this very simple question.  Subsequently, if having kids is really important to you, do not become romantically involved with anyone who doesn’t want to have children.  Otherwise, you may find yourself in the same position as the adorable couple in the video breaking up after five long years together.

When designing their personal matchmaking systems at ELOVE the very first search criteria was this one.  Who wants kids and who doesn’t?  Julie understands one of the biggest complaints singles have in finding a partner is not sharing the same goals, such as marriage and children. If you don’t happen to have a matchmaker asking this question for you 100% of the time, then you better be asking it yourself.

Elove offers a multitude of advantages to singles meeting Quality people they wouldn't have the opportunity to meet on their own. Having an Expert Matchmaker, like Julie Ferman, you never have to worry about finding out five years down the road that your relationship goals are different from that of your partner.  Had the adorable couple in the video used a personal matchmaker, they would not be enduring this heartbreak today.

ELOVE is your shortcut to finding a successful relationship and can always be counted on to know the answer to, “Who wants kids?”

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