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Emailzipcode Teams Up with BriteVerify for Real-Time Email Verification

Emailzipcode has announced that they have teamed up with BriteVerify to offer clients real-time verification of purchased email lists from their recently updated website.


Montclair, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2015 --Emailzipcode ( has been in the data aggregation business space since 2007; the company specializes in the collection and sale of opt-in email addresses by US zip codes. Clients have the ability to search for targeted lists by zip code, add lists to their basket and purchase online. The platform contains more than 150 million US consumers with full records including an active email address. Purchased email lists are 100% permission based, Can Spam compliant, and updated weekly. The company provides online marketers the ability to reach US, local targeted audiences using quality direct email and postal marketing data.

With the latest shift in lead generation, many marketers are stuck trying to generate new business using internet marketing tactics that don't seem to produce results anymore. Online marketers are reporting that SEM (Pay-per-click) marketing campaigns systems have priced them out-of-the-market. RTB (banner distribution) traffic doesn't convert results and SEO (Search engine optimization) is more of a long term strategy for organic growth. Results vary from marketer to marketer. There is only so much traffic available for specific keyword search terms on a daily basis. What's left that actually works?

Emailzipcode educates their clients by helping them understand the importance of creating conversion funnels with powerful value propositions. When designing your website and landing pages, businesses should ask themselves, "What's in it for them?" In order to create a meaningful lead generation process, marketers need to give the prospects a reason and something that is going to help them solve a problem. Once a prudent workflow with value proposition and drip campaign in place, then it is time to feed that funnel with traffic and the most cost-effective responsive traffic which is going to be clean email traffic.

Emailzipcode has incorporated a real-time email validation process with trusted partner BriteVerify ( Clients can now search and buy email lists online. At point of checkout the email addresses are sent to BriteVerify and cleaned using state-of-the-art validation technology.

Jimmy Alamia of commented on this latest game changing technology, " has been operating since 2007 with a turn-key SaaS based solution that marketers use to purchase email lists online. We knew that we needed to provide a product that would deliver more than 95% for our clients. After researching the new revolutionary business model and interviewing many email validation vendors, we decided to go with BriteVerify. We do not want our clients to send emails to lists that have hard bounces, if this occurs then their email campaigns are going to get blocked and the campaigns will fail. This new technology cleans and validates the email addresses at point of purchase and guarantees the highest level of email deliverability in the industry for a discounted rate of (.025) two and a half cents per name. We are giving our clients the greatest value for purchased email lists and providing the ability to use third-party email service providers with quality deliverable email data."

In addition to the real-time email validation process, the company has also updated the website and is extremely excited to deliver a new age quality product to the market place.

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