Emarketed Now Creates Infographics to Reach More Viewers

In addition to solid marketing content and copy, Emarketed designs visually impactful infographics for clients.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2013 --In the past year, infographics have risen to the top of the social media food chain to become the most popular type of shared information around. Infographics are popular because they are easy on the eyes, understandable and condense sometimes complicated material into concise, digestible nuggets of information gold.

Emarketed recognizes this trend and has begun creating infographics for clients looking to make the most out of the social media budget and content creation tools. Their easy to understand visual aids pare down information to just what is absolutely necessary to get a point across. The addition of this service is the essence of good design because now instead of having to skim through content and pick out the important points, Emarketed’s infographics allow viewers to get all of the information in one clean swoop.

Some say an infographic is worth 1000 words, which in the world of social media marketing and copywriting is a very big deal. In a world where about 65% of people are visual learners using infographics to convey important information among many people can be key to a business or organization’s success. Emarketed, a full service online marketing provider has been putting people and great customer service first since 1998.

The fundamental service that Emarketed originally provided was search engine optimized content, which now includes infographics. With search engines becoming more and more intelligent in their quest to find people exactly what they are looking for, the content that is created and distributed must also become more intelligent, quicker to digest and easier to recall. Additionally the company offers web design, search engine optimization, web development, pay per click marketing, video production/marketing and social media, the growing LA-based firm is pleased to announce that it also does infographic design and infographic marketing.

Founder/CEO Matt Ramage states, “At Emarketed we are proud to have an unbelievable team of people that can bring our clients’ vision to fruition through the use of infographics; We have seen the infographics coupled with our existing online marketing and social media efforts far surpass ours and our clients’ expectations.” Needless to say, adding infographics as a service has been well received by clients and has catapulted sharing and virality of pages to record numbers.

Emarketed is an innovative,experienced web marketing design services firm, offering a wide range of online marketing solutions. A provider of new web-based marketing campaigns, total website makeovers and expert guidance for implementation of new strategies on existing sites, Emarketed can help. A Google Adwords Qualified Company and an accredited professional with Bing the Los Angeles web design offers search engine friendly web design and expertise in organic SEO including pay per click advertising and paid SEO with ad placement and targeted campaigns.

Get Emarketed today and prepare to be impressed. For more information visit emarketed.com/marketing-infographics or call 800-WEB-5421.