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Peabody, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2023 --The co-founder of Google, Larry Page, once said, "Always deliver more than expected." Good advice. In a way, that's what a comprehensive commercial insurance wholesale program can do for its clients when administered effectively. This is especially important for mid-sized and small businesses who, because of their "difficult-to-place risks" and specialized industries, find it challenging to obtain solid coverage. For these companies, eMaxx is a welcome ally.

eMaxx wholesale programs have consistently outperformed much of their competition across the country. Delivering above and beyond the traditional menu of services, the team provides customized coverage in numerous areas. These include: bond, builders risk, construction, data breach, environmental, excess and umbrella, habitational, hospitality, human and social services, identity recovery coverage, management liability, manufacturing, marine, professional liability, Tank Safe, transportation, worker's compensation and property.

The list is long and comprehensive. Moreover, because of eMaxx's specialized expertise in unique lines of coverage, clients can count on this professional team to have easier access to, and more influence with, particular insurance markets. The International Risk Management Institute champions these features—a source of relief for niche companies, especially in the current fluctuating market.

But eMaxx doesn't stop there. A team commercial insurance experts are on hand 24/7 to partner with clients needs. For example, when a construction firm is combatting a legal claim, eMaxx comes through with outstanding litigation management to proactively anticipate these societal trends. Or, when a towing company needs help in resolving a case, eMaxx's accident reconstruction process analyzes how a collision happened with computer-simulated crash reenactments. This evidence can be very influential in the minds of judges and jurors.

No matter the niche market, eMaxx's seasoned team also provides expert claim adjustment, which is extremely important to uphold the relationship between the provider and the client. From determination of coverage to liability and settlement, this process is not only essential to resolution but also ethically fulfills the insurer's promise to its policyholder.

Environmental oversight and management are also part of the package that eMaxx provides with its wholesale programs. This is crucial to waste, utility, energy and recycling companies that require a host of services: remediation and abatement, storage tank installation, fire and water damage restoration, solar, wind and geothermal construction, laboratory analysis and soil and wetlands remediation.

Imagine all of these programs in one comprehensive package customized to your commercial coverage needs, with speed, efficiency and state-of-the-art technology to maximize your insurance. Contact an affiliated broker to learn more today.