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Embark Your Child on an Enchanted Yoga Experience with the OUAT Mat


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2018 --Ouat Mat, the revolutionary new yoga mat that introduces children to yoga through the power of magical storytelling, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

OUAT stands for Once Upon A Time and is named with those famous first words as fairy tales play a big part in the introduction of Yoga to children. By turning yoga into a full, imaginative experience, Ouat Mat is hoping to extend the power the of Yoga to children while helping to instill lifelong healthy habits.

"Our flagship product was a customizable adult yoga Mat, to introduce yoga to beginners. Working with private yoga teachers and yoga studios, we were able to help increase the uptake of newcomers into Yoga. Our clientele includes, and not limited to, young men, office ladies, and senior citizens, segments who traditionally do not take up yoga," says co-founder Teo Jin Howe on the inspiration behind the project. "However, If we think about beginners, The largest pool of 'beginners' derive from children. They are curious, naive and willing to learn. In teaching them Yoga with the Ouat Mat, we want to inculcate proper posture, morals and balance, both body and soul."

The Ouat Mat is a series of children's Yoga Mat, each designed with an interactive fairytale to tell. Each Ouat Mat has been brightly illustrated and designed to the theme of various fairytales and have been carefully adapted to incorporate Yoga poses into the story. It provides a safe and creative environment for children to practice and learn Yoga, all guided by parents The Ouat Mat is designed for all parents and children for all Yoga experience level. From beginners to advance, every parent and child has a space to share a bonding experience on this mat through storytelling Yoga.

The benefits of Yoga on children are immense. It allows a child to be expressive, while helping to build confidence. It helps condition the body physically for future challenges. Finally, Yoga offers interaction in a non-competitive environment.

"Currently, Yoga for children is still very exclusive. Not only is it inaccessible, but it is also pricey. For an activity that offers so much benefit and so little risk, we believe it should be made accessible to everyone," adds Howe. "With the Ouat Mat, we are able to retain all these benefits while also mitigating the risk involved, by limiting the range of motion to prevent over-stretching. Additionally, we made it easy to teach. Even without prior experience to Yoga, a parent can easily impart yoga to his/her child by following our story guide."

The OUAT Mat is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2CFmKk0

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