Anthony Pothoulakis, M.D.

Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle with Arteries in Harmony, to Be Released Oct 9th

Protect your body and improve your health with the help of Dr. Anthony Pothoulakis and his latest book, Arteries in Harmony.


Suwanee, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2018 --Arteries in Harmony: Defending Our Arteries, Protecting Our Lives And Preserving Our Happiness In The Era of Obesity And Diabetes is the newest book from Anthony Pothoulakis, a medical doctor and author. His goal is to help readers looking for a healthy lifestyle, whom most likely were otherwise engaged in unhealthy habits. With a focus on obesity and diabetes, Dr. Pothoulakis hopes to see the rates of these diseases go down to the levels they were 50 years ago, but he realizes this cannot be done simply by relying on doctors, nurses, universities and hospitals. According to Dr. Anthony , we must all make efforts towards our own healthier lives.

The obesity-diabetes-artery disease epidemic is a public concern which is caused my a myriad of reasons. A lot of the reasons can be prevented and beaten without going to the trouble of seeing a doctor regularly. Dr. Anthony believes that it is fundamental to society to further understand the dangers of things we might regard as unimportant, but that might contribute to an eventual decrease in health and quality of life. Arteries in Harmony will educate the reader on the risks of prolonged sitting, added sugars, and several other factors that could be harming your body. It also enlightens people on the concepts of belly fat, insulin and a fatty liver, among other notions necessary to begin a new lifestyle.

Dr. Anthony is a practicing cardiologist, a trade in which he deals with cardiometabolic diseases on a daily basis. He has extensive knowledge not only on the matter itself, but on the important actions that are indispensable to build a healthier lifestyle and avoid hospital visits altogether. In Arteries in Harmony, beyond detailing preventive measures and explaining health concepts, he dives deep into the battle to prevent and treat high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and obesity. Dr. Anthony firmly believes that prevention of these illnesses is possible and should be encouraged. The more knowledge available, the better, and Arteries in Harmony comes as a beacon to those lost when it comes to cardiac health.

Born in 1960 on the Island of Crete, in Greece, Dr. Anthony Pothoulakis has studied medicine, mathematics, and philosophy. He worked as a physician in England, the US, and Greece. He completed his residency in internal medicine in Dayton, Ohio, followed up by a fellowship in cardiology in Toledo, Ohio. While he has been an interventional cardiologist for most of his career, he has also practiced internal medicine and emergency medicine. Over his career of 32 years as a physician, he has taken care—face-to-face—of more than 100,000 patients. In 2008 he collaborated with Mr. Demosthenous, with whom he co-authored Abdobesity, his first book on prevention. He now practices as a clinical cardiologist in Atlanta, Georgia, where he lives with his wife Katerina and his son, Yianni. When he isn't practicing medicine or writing a book, he plays and writes music and coaches his son in tennis.