Emergent Reports 7 out of Every 10 Law Firms in Canada Moving Towards the "Virtual Minute Book"

Having offered minute book software as a way to go virtual, Emergent announces new results regarding their widely-used Legal Kiosk™ program. With unprecedented success, the Corporate Manager ET’s “Virtual Minute Book” achieves a streamlined approach to law firms seeking to increase service and meet increasing client demands.


Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2017 --Designed to give a labor-saving advantage to law firms, Emergent's Virtual Minute Book add-on to Corporate Manager ET, has done its due diligence. The document creation and file management software company announced recently that seven out of every ten law firms engaged now use, or intend to use, their comprehensive Virtual Minute Book software solution. Leaving behind the antiquated method of doing corporate records work by laborious hand, law firms are embracing the digital age where simplicity is literally and figuratively achieved.

Solving numerous staffing issues surrounding the process of keeping minute book documents for a corporation, Emergent has changed business methods exponentially. The Corporate Manager ET software not only automates the drafting of all minute book documents in mere minutes, it keeps signed copies at the ready for authorized staff to access them 24/7. The solution cuts time expenditures in myriad ways. No longer does a client have to wait for their legal firm to retrieve a physical document from their shelved minute book. Nor do they have to find a secure way to access it once it's found. Thus, law firms find no need to pay for secure storage space in their upscale offices to keep the minute book hard copy. Moreover, they don't have to absorb the cost of paying staff to locate or retrieve it and provide the necessary documents at hand.

Darren Cooper, President, and CEO of Emergent said of the success of the Virtual Minute Book, "Law firms do not customarily bill their clients for time spent locating and servicing requests for minute book documents. Rather than increasing revenue, this practice increases expenses and this cost multiplies the greater the number of corporations managed by the firm. That's why, in 1999, Emergent pioneered the Virtual Minute Book so customers could self-serve access electronic minute book documents themselves, and we expanded this self-serve concept to other practice areas in the Legal Kiosk™ a few years later. Corporations demand faster access and law firms are able to reduce expenses. It's a win-win for both and no wonder our software is viewed as the 'Kleenex' of the legal industry."

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About Corporate Manager ET
Corporate Manager ET is the most comprehensive and robust corporate records management software in North America.  The software is specially designed to generate and maintain all minute book documents as well as provide efficiency-based features such as wizards to form, organize, amalgamate/merge and maintain Director, Officer, Shareholder information and automate the generation of task-oriented documents including annuals, organizations, renewals, etc. The Corporate Manager ET's Virtual Minute Book is branded as Legal Kiosk™.

About Emergent
Emergent is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and provides the marketplace with document creation and file management software.  The software is available on a fee-per-file basis. Some of their products include Canada's first two-way integration for Initial Notice/Notice of Change filings for corporations in Ontario, and software for the integration of corporate records, wills and probate.

Darren Cooper
President & CEO, Emergent

Website: www.emergent.ca