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Emerging Crew's New Indie Film 'Living Still' Offers Opportunity to Take Part


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2014 --This movie follows the life of a college freshman named Kyle while exploring the realm of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon in which one becomes conscious in a dream and is able to control his or her surroundings and actions, thus controlling the dream itself. As our main character becomes conscious of his dream/life, he challenges the outcome.

The film makes use of a balance of abstract visuals, creative storytelling, and intertwining social and philosophical questions to fully immerse the viewer in the dream world that our main character is struggling to control. Through trials of love and identity, Kyle is followed to places and situations even he would never have expected. Can this unpredictability lead to the order he desires in his life or only to more and deeper confusion and misdirection.

The project will be primarily created with the creator’s current equipment and skillset, however they look to the Indie Film and crowd funding communities to reach the films full potential. The funds generated go directly into increasing the film’s quality with the purchasing of additional cinematic lenses, audio equipment, and stabilization.

The creators of ‘Living Still’, Bennett Steber and Luke Wortman, are currently freshman at Penn State University. With over six years of experience in the field of video production they are excited to create their first official short film. They have been quoted saying “We wanted to create a character that we could relate to at the time, but not have the story limited by a college campus. Therefore we are setting out to explore the frailty and chaos that is Kyle’s mind, our minds.”

Learn more about ‘Living Still’ and help fund the project on its IndieGoGo page