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Empire IG with Its Large Offering Has Raised $37 Billion of AUM

Empire Investment Group with 32+ proven expertise has raised $37 billion of AUM, showcasing their efficacy in asset management. Deploying industry best practices and following certain philosophy, this organisation is basking in the glory of success.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2018 --Empire Investment Group, a globe-leading asset management company has raised $37 billion of assets under management (AUM). This organisation of asset management is currently basking in the glory of success and attainment.

With 32+ years of proven expertise, the company is now present in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Milan, and New York. Thus, with such widespread reach and professional approach, this organisation has been able to mobilize and invest capital in sustainable companies for attractive returns and impact. In a recent interview, the CEO said, "The success of our company wasn't achieved in a day's endeavour. By deploying industry best practices and carrying in-depth research, we have gradually inched towards success. Another secret to this achievable feat is our Empire IG Philosophy."

Their philosophy is the cornerstone that paved the path towards such prominence in global market. This company's approach revolves around sustainable and incremental investment for optimal returns. Empire Investment Group not only provides their clients with updated stock-tips but also furnish a comprehensive clarity regarding financial aspects. They follow a routine& rigorous process for investments and further portfolio decisions. Thus, the company furnishes beyond the requisites giving their customers customised advice for their betterment.

Moreover, according to Empire IG Philosophy all of their compensation comes only from the clients. They take zero corporate commissions and operate solely on clients' behalf. The company avoid any conflicts of interest and thus believes in a fee-based advice that is unbiased. With such principles, Empire IG is making its prominence in this highly competitive market.

The Marketing Head said, "Here at Empire IG, we value our customers' time and money. Hence, our philosophy is largely based on transparency and honesty. We also stay adhered to a disciplined investment norm that delivers risk-adjusted investment returns through market cycles. Being a fee-only organisation, we offer a competitive price for our service."

Encompassing such a broader aspect, they are a one-stop solution for many other planning and advice. From complex wealth management to retirements, this company stays equipped with every kind of solutions.

So, with such distinctive offerings, the company also homes the best brains. Hence, customers put their faith in the expertise of asset managers. This asset management company is made up of several key individuals enabling the business to manage and act on behalf of clients. Adhering to their job roles, the in-house employees render smart purchasing decisions ameliorating the customers' overall value.

About Empire Investment Group
Empire Investment Group is a prominent asset management company connecting their clients to global investment opportunities. They offer exceptional financial solutions to clients, shareholders, and end-investors at a competitive price. Thus, since its inception in 1986, the company is catering to a broader clientele base using latest industry trends.With 600+ employees under their wing, they have become the industry leader of assets management.