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Empire Investment Group Provides Private Offerings Investments


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/01/2018 --In a constantly changing economic climate, it's important to find investments that are worth the money that is put into them. With the help of Empire Investment Group, investors are now going to be in a more advantageous position due to their renewed commitment to providing investment opportunities in private offerings investments.

Having worked with a number of large offerings, including RobinHood and Magic Leap, Empire Investment Group looks to assist investors in all walks of life. This is especially true when it comes to deciding on which investments are going to be best for their purposes and that can help them to expand in new and exciting ways.

Given the current interest rate environment and the general trend of tightening capital, the company's extensive experience in the mergers and acquisitions sector as well as raising capital is particularly attractive to corporate entities. This is especially true for those companies that would like to head to a simpler model for their business expansion and for any acquisitions and mergers that they plan to work toward in the future.

Empire Investment Group maintains a network of alliances between businesses across multiple industry sectors, allowing their corporate clients to have the resources they need to connect with other businesses. Due to these connections, Empire has continued to work with these companies, providing them with the necessary financial and industry-related resources so that they are able to take care of mergers and acquisitions with ease.

The focus that Empire puts on mergers and acquisitions is in order to help stockholders, investors, and the companies involved during the hardest parts of the process. During the legal processes, their experienced M&A team works with both companies to protect assets, maintain intellectual property, continue contracts and orders, and take care of outstanding debt. This allows those who invest in the companies to have the necessary stability so that they will continue with their investment.

Private offerings from companies that have recently gone through the M&A process may take months to work through, but Empire also expedites the processes necessary so private offerings can be established sooner rather than later. These include advisement related to compliance and implementation of the industry standard reporting systems related to finances, and the setup of new infrastructure for the new company that has been created.

About Empire Investment Group
Empire Investment Group is a global asset manager based in New York City with additional locations in Singapore and Hong Kong. They have been working in the alternative asset management sphere since 1986. Currently, they are managing over $37 billion in assets for companies of varying sizes and locations throughout the world. They strive to be a high-impact investment manager for investors and advisors that appreciate their use of data, logic, and evidence in order to make decision about investments.

More information related to Empire Investment Group can be found at their website, empire-ig.com. Inquiries regarding the information in this press release or other information related to the company can be emailed to info@empire-ig.com.