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Encore Data Products Rolls out Flex-Phone Headphones


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/09/2015 --Media listening devices for children are plentiful. However, not all of them have safe, kid-friendly features. Encore Data Products recently added Hamilton Buhl's Flex-Phones™, a flexible and nearly indestructible headphone device that can be used safely by youngsters aged 3-7. Children as young as 3 can wear them, the headphones come with a snap band that allows it to expand as the child grows. Available in the bright colors of red and blue, plus black; Flex-Phones™ are appealing to both a young child and a safety concerned parent.

Environmentally friendly and kid safe in several ways, these headphones have the distinction of certifications for all major American and international child safety testing standards. The Hamilton Buhl's Flex-Phones™ are constructed on a single piece of EVA foam, which is nontoxic and BPA free. This provides assurance to parents who are concerned about the things to which their children are exposed.

The Flex-Phones™ makes it possible for parents to let their children listen to audiobooks, practice basic subjects, and more. The headphones have a 3.5mm stereo plug; making them compatible with tablets, mobile devices, computers, CD players and more. The headphones allow a youngster to plug into a favorite game, quietly engage in online learning activities and more. Additionally, the headphones can be used by early elementary students at listening centers or libraries.

While the sound quality is superior, the headphones are sound limiting for safety purposes. To protect developing children's ears, sound levels with the Flex-Phones™ will never exceed 85 decibels.

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