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Endodontist in Melbourne, FL Helps Patients Preserve Teeth Following Traumatic Injuries

Dr. Paul Scott of Associated Endodontists of Melbourne offers services for teeth involved in traumatic injuries


Melbourne, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2016 --Melbourne, FL endodontist Dr. Paul A. Scott is helping patients preserve their natural teeth even after experiencing traumatic injuries to their mouth that may threaten the health of their natural teeth. As an experienced endodontist, Dr. Scott has special training in treating dislodged teeth, avulsed teeth, and injuries to immature teeth in children.

Traumatic injuries are one of the leading causes of tooth loss for both adults and children, especially injuries sustained while playing sports or participating in other physical activities. When patients seek treatment immediately from a qualified endodontist like Dr. Scott, they have a good chance at saving their natural teeth and being able to keep it in its natural position for years to come.

Dislodged teeth are those that become loose or even pushed back into their sockets due to a traumatic injury. With this type of stressful injury, Dr. Scott works to quickly reposition and stabilize the tooth. Depending on the health of the pulp, or the living tissue inside the tooth, Dr. Scott may or may not need to perform a root canal treatment.

When patients experience an avulsed tooth, or a tooth that is "knocked out" completely, Dr. Scott recommends that patients seek treatment immediately. In the meantime, patients should attempt to put the tooth back in the socket, if possible, but at the very least to place it in a glass of milk or water to keep it moist and the living tissues viable. In most instances, Dr. Scott will perform root canal treatment on an avulsed tooth once it is put back in the socket and stabilized. This treatment eliminates any chance of infection in the tooth and allows it to remain in its natural position.

For children who experience traumatic injuries to immature teeth, Dr. Scott and his team at Associated Endodontists of Melbourne can provide two different types of specialized procedures to improve the chances of the patient being able to keep their tooth. The apexogenesis procedure encourages the tooth root to continue to develop as the pulp is healed following the injury. With this procedure, Dr. Scott covers the soft tissue with a specific medication that encourages growth and proper development as the tooth continues to mature. With the apexification procedure, Dr. Scott removes the unhealthy pulp from the tooth and places a medication into the root which helps hard tissue form near the tip of the root. After this process, Dr. Scott can safely provide a root canal filling for the tooth. No matter how a tooth is injured, urgency is key to ensuring you and your dentist have the best opportunity to save your smile.

About Dr. Paul A. Scott
Dr. Scott has been a member of the dental profession for more than 25 years. Following graduation from Northwestern University Dental School, Dr. Scott served in the U.S. Navy for four years providing dental work to fellow service members. He completed his endodontic training following the completion of his military service and since then, has remained involved in academia as well as private practice.

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