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Enduradata New EDpCloud File Transfer Platform Has Been Launched

EDpCloud™ File Transfer is a cross platform file sync solution that allows people to synchronize data a automatically between heterogeneous platforms and between geographic sites


Eden Prairie, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2016 --EnduraData ( announced the availability of a new version of its EDpCloud(TM) cross platform inter cloud and premise file replication and data migration software solution. The solution allows the user to automatically transfer between heterogeneous platforms and geographic sites. All communications and files are encrypted before they leave local systems or clouds.

"With all of the technological developments and resources at our fingertips today, we wanted to leverage data sharing capabilities for increased communication and maximum productivity between businesses," said A El Haddi, EDpCloud's Architect.

EDpCloud is available for many operating systems including Linux, Mac, Solaris, Windows, etc. and is used by agencies, healthcare, financial institutions and universities to ensure that data is available where it is needed and when it is needed the most.

The new version of EDpCloud allows users to recover deleted or lost files and comes standard with archiving capabilities, snapshots to go back in time (undo changes and recovery). With EDpCloud, the user can synchronize the data between remote offices, headquarters, remote partners or cloud nodes. Weather the cloud nodes are in the UK, Singapore, Vancouver, Chicago or New York, EDpCloud will keep the data in sync continuously between the sites automatically, hence reducing costs and risks of loss and of errors.

"We went beyond what we learned in moving data between critical financial operations, satellites, airborne systems and government and private sector systems to a new paradigm that allows decision makers, engineers, analysts and business processes to have access to data automatically" said A El Haddi, EDpCloud's architect.

"As everything is becoming data centric, we want to enable processes and people to have access to data. This not only reduces costs and risks but enables decisions to be based on data. For example if you are a healthcare provider and you are moving X-rays or CT scan images automatically between care providers you will not only achieve significant cost savings but you may also improve outcomes. The same is valid for data submissions, analytics and data mining." added A El Haddi.

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