EnergyFunders Addressing the Capital Gap for the Energy Sector


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2017 --EnergyFunders, LLC ( is an online Financial Technology Platform for the energy sector, allowing investors direct access to a small, select group of top-tiered Operators through equity crowdfunding. EnergyFunders is pleased to announce their pre-launch for investors and entrepreneurs to raise capital using Regulation Crowdfunding.

Energy investing is like no other investment; your dollars go towards innovation and growth that fuels our economies and makes a huge difference for future generations. Now we are seeing a recovery in the oil and gas markets, companies need capital to grow an amazing innovation for solar and clean energy technology. Come and join our Pre-launch as we are weeks away from launching our Regulations Crowdfunding platform.

The company, which made history by closing the first ever crowdfunded oil well development in July 2014, leads the market in online equity crowdfunding for oil and gas, and is currently pre-launching its Title III platform in Q4 this year to allow both accredited and non-accredited investors alike to invest as little as $500 in the energy sector, including oilfield service companies, midstream, clean tech, renewable energy projects, and oil companies. Users who are already signed up at EnergyFunders ( when its Title III platform launches will be the first invited to participate.

"We are rapidly changing the way capital is raised for projects requiring under $10 million," says Casey Minshew, CEO of EnergyFunders.

About EnergyFunders is a Houston-based FinTech company disrupting the energy industry by changing the way capital investment and energy projects come together. Their headquarters is located in the Houston Heights area. Founded in 2013, the company currently offers professionally-vetted oil and gas projects for investment by accredited investors nationwide and will soon be available for every type of investor to participate. Developed by experienced attorneys and trusted professionals in the oil and gas industry, EnergyFunders is the first platform to offer global and national participation in the $263 billion "small oil" market through equity crowdfunding, allowing investors to buy directly into wells themselves for investment minimums as low as $5,000. Managing assets of more than one hundred wells, the company has raised millions for projects, bringing unprecedented access, transparency, and efficiency to one of the most elite and lucrative asset classes.