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Engagement Rings from Patrick Saada's Galith Shop Now Available for Fully Custom-Made Designs


Ramat Gan, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2018 --To anyone involved in the diamond sector, Patrick Saada is a well-known name. Mr. Saada, after all, almost single-handedly formed the Infinite Diam firm, which has been one of the leading players in the mining, manufacturing, and trading of diamonds since 2013. Today, those who want uniquely-styled engagement rings can turn to Patrick Saada's Galith jewelry shop as well.

Patrick Saada is the founder of Infinite Diam, a diamond company which has its headquarters in the International Diamond Exchange of Israel. Infinite Diam is owned wholly by the family, and everyone in Mr. Saada's family plays an essential role in the growth and development of the company.

Infinite Diam is involved in diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing, but in 2017, it added to its expertise by also becoming involved in Galith. Galith, named after the daughter of Patrick Saada and run by her as well, is now carving a name for itself in the diamond industry. This online jewelry shop has been specializing in custom jewelry pieces since it first launched, and today, customers who want truly unique engagement rings can rely on Galith to provide them with exactly what they need and want.

Galith describes its custom-made engagement ring service perfectly: "Let Galith bring your dream to life. With a personalized touch and an unparalleled access to the finest diamonds in the world, there are no limits."

The custom-made service starts with customers choosing their preferences when it comes to the style of the setting, the shape and size of the diamond (carat weight, for instance, can be between .30+ to 2.00+ and more), the budget (which can range from as low as 2000 to 3000 Euros), the date of the completion of the ring, and other preferences. Then Galith will discuss the client's preferences either through telephone or Skype. The next step is the design proof process, where Galith creates a 3D CAD ring rendering, and the client can make changes at this time as well. In the next step, clients can select the stone they want, and the final step takes them to the online ordering process.

With just a few steps, anyone can have their very own custom-made engagement ring – a ring which they can truly be proud of, thanks to Galith and, of course, the vision of Patrick Saada and Infinite Diam.

About Patrick Saada
Patrick Saada, as the founder of Infinite Diam, is a well-respected and trustworthy name to those who are involved in the diamond industry, especially mining, manufacturing, and trading. Those who want to purchase beautiful custom-made engagement rings can visit the Galith website or the website of partick saada.