Whelen Aerospace Technologies - LoPresti Division

Enhanced BoomBeam HID Lighting System for the Textron King Air

New system greatly improves aircraft safety.


Sebastian, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2019 --WHELEN AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (WAT) is pleased to announce that earlier this year we completed enhancements to our High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system for the Textron King Air family of airplanes. The King Air BoomBeam HID lighting system has been installed in over 500 airframes, since its release in 2003.

Taking advantage of new reflector technology, the enhanced King Air BoomBeam HID lighting system produces 20% more light output than our previous version. With over 1.5M Candela in output, this package dramatically improves visibility for King Air pilots. With the King Air's rugged design, operators are frequently using small airports where hazards are harder to detect. The BoomBeam HID lights are a perfect addition to the King Air's already rich safety features.

Earlier this year, WAT added KADEX AERO SUPPLY as an authorized reseller for our BoomBeam HID product line. "The King Air is a popular aircraft in Canada's rugged geography, which makes the BoomBeam HID lighting system a natural fit for our King Air customers," said Ken Blow, Vice President of Kadex Aero Supply.

BoomBeam HID lighting systems can be installed in over 500 different air-frames using our Supplemental Type Certificate, which has FAA, Transport Canada, EASA, ANAC, and DGAC approval. We continue to grow and refine our safety-enhancing lighting solutions to ensure that our customers have access to the best technologies.

The King Air BoomBeam HID Lighting package is mounted on the nose landing gear and includes a set of new light housing assemblies as well as the new landing and taxi lights. The system has a list price of $8,995, which includes all items needed for installation and STC paperwork.