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Enjoy Cruise Excursions with Confidence and Security

Cruise excursions are usually a traveler's only opportunity to visit a location, so it is important to research the destinations and plan cruise excursions to meet personal interests and preferences.


Bulimba, Queensland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2016 --Planning a cruise conjures up wonderful images of magnificent icy glaciers, sunny tropical beaches, exotic or historic towns, each visited during your one-day excursions off your cruise ship. However the reality is that cruise excursions can be very expensive, rushed and may not show you the features of that destination which interest you.

If you want to make the most of your cruise it is a good idea to plan the excursions that will best meet your personal interests and preferences. Once you have made your cruise booking you should be able to access the cruise ship company website to consider the excursions they offer. Whilst booking excursions through the cruise company is convenient, and gives you the security of knowing that it will be a reputable company that you are dealing with, these excursions are often overpriced.

Most excursions fall into the categories of sightseeing, cultural experiences, shopping precincts and active pursuits. Research the cruise ports and with that information consider your options. What do you want to see or do? Will that take a whole day or a half-day? Do you want an overview of the area, or an in-depth visit to something that really interests you? Do you want to enjoy a sporting or adventure activity, or visit a particular museum/art gallery? This is likely to be your one visit to this particular port, so try and do the things that will mean the most to you.

Your next big decision is whether you want to explore independently, as part of a big group, or with your own personal or small group guide. Most cruise ports have many local guides who offer excursions independently of the cruise ships. These guides can be carefully checked out through the tourism office of your destination as well as travel advisory websites such as, where you can read the reviews of travelers who have used the services you are researching. When you read reviews remember that we all have different expectations and interests, but it can be very reassuring to read glowing reviews of a travel guide and the service they offer. Make sure that the guide you engage speaks English, at least well enough to communicate clearly with you.

Regardless of your choice of activities, you need to make sure that you are comfortable for your day off the cruise ship. Be aware of the weather. Being caught unprepared when the weather changes can completely spoil your day. You will be able to get a local weather report from the main desk of your cruise ship. Dress appropriately for the weather and the country you are visiting, and don't forget to take the things with you that you may need – an umbrella or waterproof coat, sunscreen, a sunhat or beanie and scarf, drinking water. Also consider the shoes that you should wear for the day. Cobblestones and hiking require good solid walking shoes; action sports have quite different requirements. Finally you will need a good quality daypack to carry your belongings so you can be hands-free as you explore. We recommend a packable lightweight backpack that can be quickly unfolded to use as a daypack when required.

Finally, be mindful of local customs, and aware of the currency and areas that are not advisable to visit so you can fully enjoy your wonderful cruise excursions.