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Enjoying a True, Authentic Adjustable Bed System Offers Many Health Benefits

Adjustable bed systems offer special features and functionality that traditional mattress sets cannot. Its adjust-ability is not only for convenience but will improve the quality of sleep, better preparing you for the day ahead.


Plantation, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2019 --Adjustable bed bases have gotten a lot of popularity over the past few years, and their popularity graph is continuously going upwards. This is because of the many benefits they offer which are not present in traditional beds.

They are not only ideal for people who enjoy reading, working, or simply watching TV in bed but they also provide different sleep positions that promote restful sleep. So with the adjustable beds, there is no need to stack up pillows behind your back to find a comfortably inclined position as they allow you to find an ideal position without having to pile up pillows behind you. Although the adjustable beds should have both head and foot articulation so you can get maximum comfort and avoid any health issues, most of the mattress stores including the large brands just offer head articulation.

This is where virtually everyone is tricked into thinking that they are getting an adjustable bed, but in fact, it is not a TRUE AUTHENTIC adjustable bed. This is where John Wayne Mattress Company comes for the rescue. They are not only spreading awareness about what to look for in an adjustable bed to get maximum health benefits, but they are also providing the TRUE AUTHENTIC adjustable bed system.

Elements of TRUE Authentic Adjustable Bed Bases:
John Wayne Mattress Company has always been the one to look after their customers and provide the most valuable insights to everyone looking for an adjustable bed system. According to them, adjustable bed bases MUST have two primary contents because only then they will be considered TRUE AUTHENTIC adjustable bed bases. These two contents are:

Head Articulation:
An adjustable bed system must have head articulation which means the head area must be adjustable. This is because when sleeping, it is crucial for you to have a clear opening in your Trachea (windpipe). And with head articulation in an adjustable bed, you will be able to adjust your head position, so your windpipe will have a free passage of air. This will provide full oxygen supply to your brain and body while you are sleeping and your heart will function normally due to proper breathing. And due to proper head placement, you will not experience post sleep headache and neck pain. Furthermore, people with acid reflux problem can elevate their upper body to 6-8 inches that will help their stomach retain its acid and not cause acidity or heartburn.

Foot Articulation:
Many mattress stores offer head articulation in their adjustable bed systems, but most of them do not provide foot articulation which is CRITICAL for your spine health and proper blood circulation. The importance of foot articulation cannot be stressed enough as it ultimately shapes your overall body posture due to its direct connection to your spine and legs. Also, it provides relief from neuropathy and leg pain. Here are some reasons to why foot articulation is essential:

Importance of Foot Articulation in an Adjustable Bed System:

- Provides Proper Blood Circulation: Foot articulation allows you to get in a proper resting position where your body's pressure over the entire sleep surface is evenly distributed. This means your body gets proper blood circulation which puts less pressure on your heart and you not only avoid the chances of getting a stroke, but your body enters in the resting position quickly.

- Alleviates Back Pain: One of the major problems with the beds that do not have feet articulation is that the sleeper's spinal cord does not get proper support due to the matters unevenly hugging the empty spaces on their back. This results in excess back pain. But if the bed is inclined at 45 degrees, the back gets proper support and less pressure.

- Helps with Swollen Feet and Legs: People with swollen legs and feet experience an enormous amount of discomfort and pain especially if they are laying on a typical plain bed. This is because the fluid that causes swelling starts to build up at feet and legs and causes further swelling and discomfort. On the other hand, by raising legs, knees and feet through foot articulation, the fluid keeps moving instead of building up, and that provides comfort and relief.

- Provides Relief With Restless Leg Syndrome: People with restless leg syndrome usually take medication for it. But what's more important than medication is the proper placement of legs so the person can get into deep sleep. And the feet articulation in adjustable bed allows the sleeper to adjust his/her legs in any position they want.

Do You Need an Adjustable Bed?
Whether you are a patient suffering from any physical injury/disease or you are a completely healthy person, you need to have the adjustable bed system in your life. So you can avoid future back, neck, head, stomach, cardiovascular or other health issues arising from years of wrong sleeping position. You may not experience these issues now but experiencing them in the future is a possibility worth considering. And aside from the health issues, there is no doubt that the adjustable bed bases are far more comfortable and relaxing than the typical plain beds or the ones that only have head articulation.

The best part of having the adjustable bed is that you can even get a king size adjustable bed that you and your better half can enjoy sleeping on together. The specific name for such adjustable bed is the Split King Adjustable Base, and John Wayne Mattress Company provides it as well.

Want a TRUE AUTHENTIC Adjustable Bed System? John Wayne Mattress Store is Where You Go!

So now that you know everything about the adjustable bed systems and why feet articulation is a MUST, you will not be fooled by big brands that advertise FREE adjustable bed bases and only provide head articulation with them. Granted, they charge a few bucks less than what you will spend on a bed with both head and foot articulation but are you willing to put your lower body health in jeopardy over a few dollars? We know an intelligent person like you would never do that. This is the reason that here at John Wayne Mattress Company, we try to save you as much money as we can by providing extremely affordable systems that come in all sizes. We also have the Split King Adjustable Base with separate hand controls so you and your better half can set your own sides according to your preferences.

We are a family owned business, so we better understand the needs of every family and individual. Come and see Frankie and Johnny at John Wayne Mattress Company, to get your own, TRUE AUTHENTIC bed base system.

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