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ENSO Plastics Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Brazil

New technologies for renewable, landfill biodegradable, compostable and marine degradable plastics are introduced in the Brazilian market.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2013 --ENSO Plastics, a leading environmental plastics solutions company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with BioPlastic Solutions LTDA for the Brazilian market. BioPlastic Solutions is a pioneer in the field of biotechnology within the Brazilian and surrounding markets. The exclusive distribution agreement between ENSO Plastics and Bioplastic Solutions will provide an established company within the Brazilian market to offer all of ENSO’s technologies; including ENSO RESTORE™ and ENSO RENEW™.

The exclusive agreement, which was inked in 2012, has resulted in a huge interest in ENSO’s biodegradable, marine degradable and renewable resins within the Brazilian market. President of Bioplastics Solutions LTDA, Alexei Bernacchi; “The plastics manufacturing industry within Brazil are eagerly looking for new and better technologies that reduce the environmental impact of waste. After thoroughly analyzing several companies, we chose to work with ENSO Plastics™ and their environmental technologies. No other company is as thorough or possesses the technical data to back up their technologies. We wanted to represent the best in the market and chose ENSO Plastics™ as a result.”

Adding ENSO RESTORE™ to our company’s product line will provide a cost effective solution for enhancing standard plastics and resulting in a naturally biodegradable plastic product without the need to change processing or machinery and without reducing the end product’s physical properties, shelf life, texture or appearance. ENSO RESTORE™ is a leading edge technology that accelerates the natural biodegradation without any disruption to disposal method or performance. ENSO RESTORE™ biodegradable additives work with light weighted packaging and thin film applications as well as all major resin types: PE, PP, PET, PS, Rubber, Nitrile, polyurethane and more.

In addition to these advantages, products manufactured with ENSO RESTORE™ are designed to be sent through the normal recycling process and if the product is discarded and reaches the landfill the plastic application enhanced with ENSO RESTORE™ will naturally biodegrade as a result of microorganisms in the environment transforming the plastic into biogas and biomass.

ENSO RENEW™, the latest breakthrough resin for ENSO Plastics™ has already seen a great deal of interest here in the Brazilian market. There are several major brands and manufacturers that are at various stages of market testing their products with this new resin. ENSO RENEW™ is a unique Renewable Thermo Polymer (RTP) derived from the waste process of agriculture, with a carbon footprint 75% lower than polyethylene. It is a high heat renewable biopolymer that results in home and industrial compostability; as well as marine degradable plastics. ENSO RENEW™ combines renewability, rapid biodegradation and is safe for wildlife. It is ideal for many plastic applications that may inadvertently end up as litter and meet the needs of applications looking for renewable plastic solutions.

Brazil is already a world leader in developing and bringing to market plastics that are more environmentally conscious. Bioplastic Solutions offers three different lines of ENSO RESTORE™ additives; ENSO RESTORE™ LDPE (compatible with most types of polymers, PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET), ENSO RESTORE™ PET (for use with clear PET applications) and ENSO RESTORE™ RL (for use with rubber and latex applications).

“It’s important to understand that other technologies exist within the Brazilian market such as oxo and UV degradable plastics. These plastics break down into smaller plastic pieces which end up in the beautiful Brazilian environment. Bioplastic Solutions has brought ENSO RESTORE™ and ENSO RENEW™ to the Brazilian market and for the first time there are now solutions that will protect our beautiful Brazilian environment. Bioplastic Solutions are proud to be the company to bring more responsible solutions plastic solutions to the Brazilian people”, Alexei Bernacchi,

About Bioplastic Solutions
Bioplastic Solutions LTDA is a pioneer company in the field bringing to market environmental solutions for plastics waste within the Brazilian and surrounding markets. Bioplastic Solutions is an exclusive distributor of ENSO Plastics environmental plastic technologies for the largest market in Latin America, Brazil.

To contact Bioplastic Solutions, visit us at http://www.bioplastic.bio.br; e-mail contato@bioplastic.bio.br; or call (+55) (21) 3974-3030

About ENSO Plastics
ENSO Plastics, LLC is an environmental plastics solutions company with proprietary biodegradable and biobased solutions, bringing to market cost competitive cutting-edge solutions to meet the market demands of sustainability, home or industrial compostability, landfill biodegradability, marine degradability and recyclability.

ENSO Plastics has a mission to solve the global plastics pollution issue by bringing the best technologies to market, finding solutions with the greatest and most productive impact for the plastics industry and providing answers that can be trusted to integrate seamlessly - a platform that companies can stand behind with confidence.

If you are interested in learning more about ENSO Plastics technologies, please visit us at http://www.ensoplastics.com or call (866) 936-3676 / (602) 639-4228.