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Nottingham, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2014 --The entertainment portal, Entertainment Daily, is constantly adding new articles on the hottest celebrity news and latest fashion trends from around the globe. Entertainment Daily is dedicated to providing hundreds of free articles and tips from the world of entertainment, celebrity, fashion, online dating and much more. They are constantly updating their website so their readers will always be up-to-date on all the happenings in the entertainment world.

The website provides a wide range of articles from dating tips to celebrity news:

Check out one recent article which talks about five WAGs who are super successful in their own right. WAGs or wives and girlfriends are as popular as their celebrity partners but Entertainment Daily singled out those who have earned their fame through their own means. Included in the list is Victoria Beckham, wife of football star David Beckham, and Nicole Scherzinger, girlfriend of F1 star Lewis Hamilton. These ladies have achieved more than just being the partner of a famous celebrity. For people who are looking for dating tips, the website also shares the secrets to a successful blind date. A blind date is a scary yet fun social activity, but it can also easily go south for some couples. So to prevent this, the article gives some helpful tips to make sure it goes off without any hitch. If that isn’t your style, then maybe the recent article on the eight things women hate most about men is; check it out to learn which habits drive women to the edge of their patience. Another fun article talks about the six reasons why hugging is good for one’s health. Hugging gives confidence, relaxation, comfort and happiness, plus, it is also known to boost one’s immune system.

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