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Entrepreneur Launches GrupTrip App to Put Traveling Groups on the Same Virtual Page

Created to simplify the process of traveling together, the GrupTrip social travel app unites groups from start to finish. A virtual hub for everything from itineraries to photo journals the app is a catch all for organization and fun memories made.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2016 --After visiting more than 30 countries across the globe, it became clear to Rami Saad, a Lebanese-American entrepreneur, that his next venture had to do with what he is mostly passionate about, travel. That was when GrupTrip was born. It's a newly-launched social travel mobile app that aims to make group trips easier and more fun.

"After a trip to Greece and Turkey with some friends last summer, I laid down under the Mediterranean sun with my notepad and started writing down a list of recurring annoyances and pain points that I have experienced on all of my trips when traveling with others. As I had a look at the issues I realized I could solve them with a mobile application. When I returned back home, I did some research on what exists in the market and based on my findings, I managed to narrow my list to four things that are still not properly addressed", said GrupTrip's founder.

The app has four primary features that cover the following:

Group Travel Planner:
As much as we like traveling with our friends and relatives it can be annoying and cumbersome to agree on what everyone wants to do on a trip. GrupTrip becomes a group trip planner, allowing the trip group members to share their To-Do suggestions and agree collectively on a trip itinerary that they can reference during the trip.

Trip Photos Sharing & Album:
Why wait until the trip ends to get back to the computer and share the trip photos with the group. With GrupTrip, share phone photos with the group along the way. What could be better than having a complete trip photo album ready to share with friends and family once back home. 

Trip Payments Tracker:
Traveling on a budget? Keep track of every payment made along the way. Furthermore, when the group members start paying for each other, tracking digits and currencies can get annoying. Now app users do the data entry and let GrupTrip handle the math. 

?Personal Travel Recommendations Exchange:
What makes a trip memorable are the great experiences enjoyed on the trip. GrupTrip allows travelers to pin their personal and group experiences on a map, and easily share them with others when they ask for a great recommendation. 

The GrupTrip travel app has recently been released in App Store and Google Play in its Beta version. Saad adds, "We are constantly working on making improvement to the four app features. We have several other ideas that are aligned with our mission of making a group trip easier and more fun, but our focus today is on making sure our customers are satisfied with the app's current features set before we take it to the next level".

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About GrupTrip S.A.L.
Founded in 2015, GrupTrip S.A.L. is a young startup on a mission to provide the best smartphone experience for travelers. GrupTrip differentiates itself from most existing travel apps in the market by focusing on the social challenges and opportunities that arise when one travels with friends, family, and colleagues. The GrupTrip app is available in App Store and Google Play.

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