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EnviCar Launched a Solution to Reduce 1.2 Million Road Traffic Accidents Caused Through the Use of a Cell Phone

Each day nine people die through using their mobile phone, which could be avoided by putting the phone in a cell phone holder.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2015 --Each year there are 1.2 million accidents caused through distractive driving. The majority of these accidents are through people using a cell phone where nine people each day die. EnviCar has launched a solution to help drivers avoid road traffic accidents with the launch of their portable car mount, EnviCar.

The EnviCar Cell Phone Car Mount is a portable device that allows a driver to put their cell phone into the car mount and place in at eye reach onto the air vent. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or on an angle based on the driver's preference. By using the cell phone car mount it allows the driver to avoid being distractive by their phone and have it secured in a place where they can see it at all times.

With the majority of drivers having a cell phone, the cell phone car mount has become an important safety tool. Cell phones are now used for many different reasons, and one of the main functions for a driver is the sat nav application. By using the cell phone car mount; a driver can see the instructions for directions at eye level. Instead of having the cell phone on their knee or at the side of them, they could have the cell phone in front of them where they can see the directions without being distracted.

A spokesman for EnviCar said: "Road traffic accidents and deaths on the road could be avoided if drivers stopped using their phone to make calls. Through putting their cell phone in a cell phone car mount holder, they could driver safely."

A large number of road traffic accidents are caused through text messages. When a driver receives a text message, they pick the phone up from the seat next to them or look down to their knee where the cell phone is to see who is texting them. By installing the EnviCar Cell Phone Car Mount, ( a driver can safely see who has texted them.

The cell phone car mount is easy to install and can be installed within minutes. It can be transferred from one car to another, which reduces the cost of buying more than one product.

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About Car Mount - Cell Phone Holder by enviCAR
Car Mount - Cell Phone Holder by enviCAR is a new product that helps to keep a cell phone secure in a vehicle while driving. The product is available for all smartphones.