Clay's Climate Control

Eric Levai of Clay's Climate Control Was Recently Named Tech of the Month


Linwood, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2019 --Clay's Climate Control is proud to announce that Eric Levai, a Project Supervisor who is also celebrating his 10-year anniversary at the company, was named July's Tech of the Month by The News magazine for HVACR technicians.

Levai got his start in the HVAC industry 25 years ago, when a friend's dad hired him to help out with his business.

"I started working in high school, in the summertime, on weekends," he said. "I was the helper: getting what the guys needed," Levai reminisced.

Levai attributes his current knowledge and success to the hands-on training he did back in the day. These days, he carries this extensive experience into his newest training endeavor of all of the recent technology that has come out, such as Wi-Fi units, communicating units and mini split units.

"I like working with my hands," Levai said. "And I like that you get a little of everything: You get some electrical, you get some sheet metal, you get some plumbing—you get a lot of knowledge."

This knowledge, experience and passion has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by the owners of Clay's Climate Control—a company that was only a 5-person team back when he joined them ten years ago.

"Our company has grown to 30 employees and has moved out of our home garage into an office facility with warehouse space," commented Jennifer Pierce, Clay's owner/general manager. "Eric has grown with us every step of the way and is now a project supervisor who provides the layout and quality assurance checks on all of our installation work. His work quality is superb, and he has trained all new technicians to perform with the same integrity and quality."

With their headquarters based in Linwood, New Jersey, Clay's Climate Control serves the southern New Jersey area and does work on multi-million dollar beach homes. From designing where HVAC equipment should be installed to ordering materials and setting the other team members up for success, Levai plays a crucial role at Clay's.

"It can be very difficult to coordinate new construction work for multimillion-dollar beach homes and replacement work for our customers within everyone's time frame," said Pierce. "Eric handles this without getting frazzled and [does it all while] exceeding expectations."

In addition to his other responsibilities at the company, Levai is also the lead person on all of the quality assurance checks on every one of Clay's installation projects—a responsibility that he earned because of his exquisite attention to detail.

"His attention to detail allows him to catch any mistakes or potential problems before the installation is complete," Pierce praised.

Levai has no plans on slowing down when it comes to his growth in the HVAC industry. And being on the Clay's Climate Control team, where he feels employees are well-taken care of with great benefits, profit sharing, weekly training programs and other perks, he's excited for "what's coming down the road."