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ERP on WordPress for the First Time

New free software can reshape small to large companies worldwide.


Orange City, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2016 --A popular web application development firm weDevs LLC has launched their enterprise management software WP-ERP ( on WordPress, a widely used CMS platform. The most outstanding attribute of this product is that it is free, user hosted and cloud-based, open-source and extremely easy to use for someone even unfamiliar with corporate management.

After a development period of more than 1.5 years, the solution is a WordPress plugin and consists Four free modules for managing Human Resource (HR), Customer Relations (CR), Projects and Accounting.

Is ERP on WordPress a good idea?
Wondering is it even possible with WordPress? People also thought the same about eCommerce on WordPress, but now WooCommerce holds a quarter of the market. As developers, we consider it as a platform for shaping our imagination, and it competes with any other.

WordPress is the most used site builder and CMS platform to date, so users of WP-ERP should only be familiar with the user experience. The simplicity, the strength and the ease of availability should make this plugin widely used by small to large companies everywhere.

Human Resource Management
The built-in HR module can create a detailed biographical profile of an employee complete with details which help admin to. Managers can create departments, assign them to different branches and lots more.

Feature highlights:
- Dedicated dashboard
- Elaborate employee profiles
- Work history and leads
- Departments and Designations
- Manage holidays and leaves
- Manage promotions and track payment
- Notification mail templates
- Multiple company and branch support

Customer Relationship Management
Customer statuses help representatives to handle potential and valued clients better. The module can handle both individual clients, multiple representatives from a company or a company itself. Task assignment, call or meeting scheduling, activity logging, contact grouping, etc. are some of its key features.

Feature highlights:
- Handy overview on landing
- Contact groups for special care
- Notes with contacts
- Activity log for keeping records
- Task scheduling and assignment
- Correspondence with mail
- Advanced contact filtering
- Merge multiple contacts in a company profile

Accounting for Non-Accountant
The best tool to manage customer and vendor payments/credits even with the minimum knowledge. Also, manage bank accounts, get a predefined chart of accounts, manage sales and expenses, add journal entries, etc. with this module.

Feature highlights:
- Easy to use and real time
- Crediting vouchers for customers and vendors
- Partial payments supported
- Preloaded accounts and credit transfers
- Detailed sales and expense reports
- Custom invoicing for payments or credits
- Multiple bank accounts integrated

Project Manager
Directly assign your employees to a project from your ERP system and visit employee profiles to check their progress. Project Manager is a dedicated tool to ensure maximum efficiency of any task done in groups.

Feature highlights:
- Workload balance with projects and to-do lists
- Privacy and user roles
- Projects tasks and subtasks
- Time tracking on tasks
- Calendar for planning
- Private and public discussion
- Milestones and reports

List of add-ons:

Manage employee attendance, import data from scanning machines and also sync with employee leaves.

Custom Fields builder
Create customized employee, customer and recruitment forms.

Mailchimp Sync
Sync MailChimp contact lists with CRM contacts.

Hubspot Sync
Syncs Hubspot and CRM contacts.

Document Manager
Works as a server for all company and employee documents like Google Drive.

SMS notification
Sends SMS directly to customers for meetings or notify employees.

Asset Manager
Empower a workforce with assets without losing track of them.

Recruitments (upcoming)
Recruit and take tests directly from an ERP system.

About weDevs
weDevs is a Dhaka-based award winning company licensed in the U.S and Australia. They specialize in eCommerce, enterprise resource planning, health and management based leading solutions developed on WordPress.

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