EssentialNet Offers Riverbed Granite: The Firmest Foundation Ever for IT Storage

New Riverbed services form Essential Net


Epsom, Surrey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/23/2013 --Today, many business owners must try to work with data from remote offices within a geographic region or even throughout the world. Aside from complexities associated with real time operations, the capacity to synchronize backups and protection of data tends to be even more difficult. Business owners and IT specialists looking for the best solutions in this arena are turning to EssentialNet and their brand new product, Riverbed Granite.

Just about every staff member and associated management personnel have dealt with computer outages in remote locations that affect their own capacity to get any given task done. No matter whether the email server fails or access is lost to remote databases, an entire office can wind up in chaos. Even if a business is not working with live stock exchange transactions, the loss of working hours can still cause problems with delivery of services and products to customers. Needless to say, when backup systems are jeopardized by these outages, the situation gets even worse.

Over the years, many business owners have tried to make use of remote backup services to gather all information in a single location. While this may protect some of the data, it does not ensure that all of the pieces can truly be restored in their proper order. By contrast, Riverbed Granite offers complete synchronization combined with perfect restoration protocols. As an added bonus, the backup materials do not have to be stored in remote locations. This eliminates the risk of data being compromised in remote locations as well as ensure that data is easily accessible in scenarios where global servers become unavailable. Business owners interested in data integrity and rapid recovery from IT problems should not hesitate to contact EssentialNet today and ask for more information about Riverbed Granite.

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