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Estate Planning After Divorce

estate planning lawyer Kushner Legal in Los Angeles offers tips on post-divorce planning


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2020 --As recently illustrated in the hit movie "Marriage Story," even when parties involved in a divorce intend to proceed amicably, acrimony can arise and proceedings can become costly and time-consuming. After the dust settles and a settlement is finalized the last thing that most people want is more paperwork. However, when it comes to the law, short term pains often mean long term gains. For more, go to: https://kushnerlegal.com/estate-planning-after-divorce/

Once a divorce is settled, it's important to consider long-term impacts, particularly around matters of estate. As estate lawyers in LA, some of the best advice offered to clients is promptly attending to Estate Planning review and revisions immediately following a divorce.

Estate Planning Review Immediately Following a Divorce

Section 5040 of the California Probate Code addresses non-probate transfers to former spouse, such as transfers by way of a trust. This section of the Code allows the law to effectively treat the former spouse as though they had not survived the decedent. This can be problematic where an alternative beneficiary is not named and could create an intestacy which would then trigger the probate process.

Additionally, most Estate Plans drafted by lawyers in California contain many additional documents including powers of attorney, powers of appointments, and long-term care documents, all of which will require revision after a separation.

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For those recently divorced or separated, Kushner Legal Corporation will provide an Estate Planning consultation that outlines vital matters for consideration.

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