Estate Planning & Vault Manager Software from Emergent Gets a New Automated Time Saving Feature

A new add-on for Emergent’s Estate Planning & Vault Manager software shortens the time it takes administrative staff to complete customized mirror wills to under three minutes.


Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/02/2017 --On the side of legal firms and their tireless administrative staffs, Emergent now offers another time-saving game changer. The new Wills Intake feature for the already comprehensive Estate Planning & Vault Manager is now on tap to cut customized will preparation time. Used for wills, mirror wills, and overall estate planning, the new add-on allows information already entered into the software program to generate all necessary documents. Enter information once, add proprietary precedents, choose the documents needed, merge, and print. Could a custom will be simpler?

Prior to drafting wills, every law practice starts by providing a questionnaire to their clients. With Emergent's innovative add-on to its popular Estate Planning & Vault Manager software, a law firm's customers can fill out Emergent's Wills Intake questionnaire online and the information is automatically entered into Emergent's software and used to automatically generate the firm's custom Will or Mirror Will. But what about the Powers of Attorney (POA), Representation Agreement, or Personal Directive for care and property, DNRs, or reporting letters? Now the Wills Intake add-on module automates the entire process right down to the retainer letters.

"Now any document beyond the will can be generated faster than you can print it. You can still do the work with a manual input process if you prefer, or you can use our automatic Wills Intake to leverage its benefits for every document you create in the estate planning process. The time it will take to begin generating documents is limited to only reviewing the information the client initially offered. And since law firms charge a flat rate for Wills, our already efficient Estate Planning & Vault Manager software makes law firms even more profitable when adding the Wills Intake add-on." Darren Cooper, President, and CEO of Emergent said of the new profitable addition.

To simplify disbursement recording, the fee for the Wills Intake feature nominally increases the cost of the Estate Planning & Vault Manager regardless of its usage.

For more information visit the www.emergent.ca.

About Estate Planning & Vault Manager
Estate Planning & Vault Manager is the most comprehensive and robust wills automation software solution in Canada.  The software is specially designed to automate Canadian wills, powers of attorney, reporting letters, codicils, letters to insurers and much, much more.  The software has been available since 1999 and is used by Canada's most respected legal professionals.

About Emergent
Emergent is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and provides the marketplace with document creation and file management software.  The software is available on a fee-per-file basis. Some of their products include Canada's first two-way integration for Initial Notice/Notice of Change filings for corporations in Ontario, and software for the integration of corporate records, wills, and probate.

Darren Cooper
President & CEO, Emergent

Website: www.emergent.ca