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Estate Sales - Cottage Industry to Booming Bonanza

There are now over 5,000 estate sales companies in the United States. Be an informed consumer to make a wise choice for an estate liquidator and how the process works.


Longwood, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2013 --The number of estate sales companies is soaring. What was once a cottage industry is now a booming bonanza.

Estate Sales News was launched in March 2013 to enable perspective estate sellers (live or heirs) to make informed, knowledgeable choices. We are not an estate liquidator and are not affiliated with any estate sale company. We are an online resource to the public, estate sale companies, and buyers.

More and more stories about estate sales good and bad are making their way to the internet. The latest story is about an Ohio man who said he was ripped off by the company he hired. He also stated in the television interview that he chose the first company he called without much research. It appears the company conducted an online auction of his family’s personal property over a lengthy period of time and the contract the man signed allowed the company to have 50% of the proceeds.

We provide free information on estate sales news and the estate liquidation business. You will find articles from what is an estate sale, estate sale costs, contracts, advertising, USPAP, and much more need to know information and Estate Sales News welcomes your questions at no charge. We feature guest articles as well written by experts in their field.

Currently there are over 5,000 estate sale companies across the country. Now more than ever if you need or want to have an estate sale or personal property liquidation having the resources to gain knowledge to assist you in making a wise choice are paramount. Finding the right company to work with and put your trust in depends on whether you know what to consider and then ask. From the time you start your estate sales company search, knowledge for you the consumer is powerful in acquiring a company with the assets and ethics to generate a successful sale.

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