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Ester Digital Expanded the Package of Services the Agency Works With

Ester Digital is happy to announce that now the agency offers top-notch web desogn and development services for healthcare and e-learning industries.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2020 --Ester Digital, a creative web design and development agency working with businesses and nonprofit organizations worldwide is happy to announce that the number of industries the company works with is growing. The agency has already provided web design and development services for startups and nascent companies, travel agencies, realtors and estate agents, and the high tech industry. Now Ester Digital is ready to apply their knowledge and expertise to improve the digital experience for e-learning and healthcare.

When working on e-learning projects, the agency usually provides clients with two significant scopes of work: custom web design and bespoke development. With an aim to marry beauty and functionality within one project, Ester Digital puts special attention to all the design aspects of e-learning websites from interface creation to gamification. Created to win the market and students' hearts, every EdTech solution has a clear and super-easy interface that makes the learning process as comfortable and affordable as possible. All the e-learning solutions created by Ester Digital are flexible, mobile-ready, and scalable. Every LMS is delivered as a module which excludes difficulties during e-learning platform revamping or new features integration. You can find more information about Ester Digital services for the e-learning industry here.

One more industry Ester Digital now specializes in is healthcare. For medical and wellness websites and pharmacy portals, the agency provides a wide range of services, from graphic design and data visualization to the mobile medical app creation. To build powerful digital solutions for the healthcare industry, the development team turns to WordPress, Python, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, TypeScript, etc. When working with Ester Digital, every healthcare industry representative receives a highly-secured and well-documented solution that works great through all devices and is easy to use and scale together with the business. All the websites and apps the company produces go through the process of detailed quality assurance. To learn more about the list of services and development process for the healthcare industry visit the website.

With every industry the agency works the design and development team aims to define the business pain points and solve every possible issue with the help of UI/UX design and the latest technologies. Such an approach allows delivering modern, user-friendly, effective, and beautiful solutions.

About Ester Digital
Ester Digital is a web design and development company established in 2015. The agency has strong expertise in creative art direction, branding, UI/UX design, front-end and back-end development. Such famous brands as Bridgestone, Toptal, McDonald's are among Ester Digital clients. More information about Ester Digital and their services one can find here.