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EtherSpeak Announces iEtherFax Enhancement: a Zero-Touch Fax Machine Line Replacement via IP

EtherSpeak Communications, LLC, a leading communications-as-a-service provider for reliable voice, fax and video solutions, today announced a major enhancement to with a $12.95 fax machine telephone line replacement solution that involves virtually no configuration for deployment..


Culpeper, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2010 -- EtherSpeak, a leading provider of reliable VoIP voice, fax and video solutions for business, today announced its new enhancement of the iEtherFax service line. iEtherFax now provides a zero-touch fax machine telephone replacement for only $12.95 per month.

This innovative new technology enables fax machines, fax-to-Internet and fax-to-email to achieve the same cost savings as EtherSpeak voice calls on the SIP network, while maintaining the same reliability over internet-based VoIP networks, WiiF hot-spots, cellular, or satellite connections. EtherSpeak’s new iEtherFax fax platform is a cloud-based offering that enables fax machines, desktop fax applications and fax servers to stream fax data over the internet with TDM level reliability, while running on relatively low quality networks.

“Unified Communications vendors and customers alike have been plagued with a variety of reliability issues pertaining to transmitting T.38 over the Internet, and as a result, many of their customers miss the cost-savings of VoIP, because they’re forced to maintain additional TDM connections for fax machines,” said Neil Darling, managing partner of EtherSpeak. “Our new iEtherFax engine is a hybrid between T.37 and T.38, and it provides the reliability of traditional TDM connections, while simultaneously maintaining the real-time communication.”

iEtherFax’s newly enhanced fax core of is the key to EtherSpeak’s solution for customers. It is designed specifically to address the reliability and security concerns with transmitting G.711 or T.38 IP traffic over the open internet. It provides highly scalable, real-time secure fax communication from the following premise based fax clients and servers:

* New Fax Analog Telephone Adapter which utilizes AudioCodes’ hardware platform
* Microsoft Fax / Windows Fax and Scan VoIP Plug-in
* Small Business premise fax servers with connectivity to industry leading analog telephone adapters

iEtherFax’s enhanced fax solution can scale from a single port to a full DS3 (672 ports) per customer, and it offers full fail-over and redundancy. This technology features a multi-tier architecture, which facilitates carrier-to-carrier handoff via open-standards including session initiation protocol (SIP), and Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This ensures the ultimate in reliability, affordability and security of customer fax integration with any Unified Communications platform including those from ShoreTel, Cisco, Microsoft OCS R2, Zultys and Asterisk..

"We view the enhancement to iEtherFax as a game changer, as fax-over-IP is no longer an obstacle - rather an opportunity for our partners and resellers to deliver reliable, secure and affordable fax solutions-as-a-service to their customers," adds Neil Darling of EtherSpeak.

For more information about this new solution, visit or, or contact by telephone at (866) Ether-IP.

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About Etherspeak Communications, LLC
EtherSpeak Communications is a leading provider of open-standards based communications solutions for customers from small business to the emerging enterprise. Headquartered in Northern Virginia, EtherSpeak enhances IP communications through its ability to deliver innovative voice, fax and video communications-as-a-service beyond a customer's network edge.

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