EtherSpeak, Inc.

EtherSpeak Delivers IP PBX Continuity With New ShadowVox Cloud Service


Culpeper, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2012 --When the office telephone system goes down due to circumstances such as weather, construction, power outages or other issue, so does the ability for many businesses to operate.

EtherSpeak, Inc., a leading IP communications provider, announced today a new service called ShadowVox, which provides SIP Trunking customers with an option for a “stand-by” phone system which keeps a business’ telephones operational in the event of equipment failures, or local service outages. When activated due to IP PBX system or site failure, EtherSpeak SIP based phone calls may be redirected to customer’s iPhone, iPad or Android device with voice, and available options including fax communication, instant messaging, presence and conference bridge features standing-by in the ShadowVox cloud offering. ShadowVox voice backup pricing begins as low as $10 per user per month.

ShadowVox is designed to mirror a company’s phone system settings such as user extensions, call groups (like sales, support or accounting) and SIP-based direct dial telephone numbers with the simple installation of a downloadable softphone application that can be installed on each user’s PC, Macintosh, or smart phone based mobile device including the iPAD, iPhone or Android OS. ShadowVox will work with almost any on-premise telephone systems including those from ShoreTel, Microsoft Lync, Cisco, Zultys, AllWorx and those that are Asterisk-based platforms.

Unlike many traditional redundancy solutions which are typically overly complicated or expensive, ShadowVox provides EtherSpeak SIP Trunking customers with an option to cost-effectively maintain a cloud-based mirror of the business telephone system settings - providing peace-of-mind for the small business-owner in the event of a business impacting event or outage. When a customer’s local Internet connection is lost, ShadowVox processes incoming and outgoing calls using the same settings, configurations and call flow as their original PBX allowing the users to maintain business continuity with any active Internet service, making it possible to maintain business operations.

“We are excited to offer ShadowVox which fills a gap for our customers and partners,” states Neil Darling, EtherSpeak’s CEO. “Just look at these natural disasters lately, if a client’s location or on-premise IP PBX is affected by a local disaster which is outside of the client’s control, they would normally have to wait until connectivity was returned to try and repair their lost revenue and relationships. However, EtherSpeak’s ShadowVox makes business communications continuity an attainable goal “just-in-case” there is a problem impacting the business.”