Europe's #1 Motorcycle App Calimoto Launched in US and Canada


Berlin, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2018 --Calimoto, a young, aspiring startup from Berlin, Germany, has launched its highly popular, all-in-one motorcycle app in North America. While other apps offer either navigation or tracking of routes, the company understood the need for an app which offers both.

"As a rider myself, I was looking for an app that finds motorcycle-friendly routes. Instead of getting there as quickly as possible, I wanted routes with a lot to discover and curvy streets. Part of my master's thesis was a survey for riders, which revealed a huge demand for a specialized app with these functions. With the feedback from other riders, I created an algorithm that calculates the most adventurous routes," says Sebastian Dambeck, CEO and founder of calimoto. With its Winding Roads Algorithm, calimoto was the first mobile software to create trips specifically for motorcyclists. Additional features like visual and voice guided turn-by-turn navigation as well as the tracking function, logging and sharing trips were added subsequently. By combining them all in one app, the company solved the need of having to use multiple devices for these services.

calimoto derives from the Latin word 'callidus' for smart and 'moto' for motorcycle, underlining its main purpose: offering a smart solution for riders who are looking to enhance their riding experience. "Without our users' feedback and inspiration, calimoto wouldn't be the best motorcycle app on the market. We are constantly improving the app according to their wishes and needs. After all, our users know best what feature would improve their riding experience," Sebastian added. The community behind calimoto drives the development of future features and therefore is an important factor of the brand.

The app is available for Android and iOS in the US and Canada now. Download and usage is free. The free version includes an area of choice. It can be upgraded to a weekly subscription for 3,99$ or yearly subscription for 39,99$ which includes worldwide maps and additional premium features such as lean angle analysis and danger zone alerts.

Download the app on iOS: calimoto for iOS or Android: calimoto for Android.

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