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Even Mix Introduces New and Improved Drum Mixers

Even Mix™ is engineering some of the finest barrel and drum mixers on the market today.


Columbia Station, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2019 --Even Mix™ introduces our new and improved Drum Mixers and Bridges to the market. We are quite proud of the latest changes to improve what was already one of the best mixers on the market.

At Even Mix™, we have been quietly Engineering some of the finest barrel and drum mixers on the market today. We saw the lack of innovation in other mixers and a need in this unique market. With our Even Mix™ mixer, we wanted nothing but the most exceptional quality. A mixer that would surprise our customers with delight, something that was lightweight and easy to move yet a mixer that had the power to mix just about anything. Were we dreaming? Absolutely not.

Mixers are not complex items, however, nobody had taken the time to sit down and design something that just worked. We went deep into the design and thought of every component. We designed our gearbox in a fashion that will allow it to mix just about any viscosity of material with ease. It is made of the highest quality metal gears and bearings and made to last.

Energy Efficient IBC Mixer

We understand that your mixer is not something you think about until it is not mixing. That is why it was our goal to exceed the expectations of our clients and work hard to bring a mixture that will outlast the competition. We heard you when you said "Energy Efficient," and yes, we have made it energy efficient. In fact, we have improved upon the old mixers with low energy consumption, longer life span, lightweight and modular. Yes, it is modular, meaning that the components on our mixers are interchangeable. This helps our customers be able to use one mixer for multiple style jobs. And, it keeps costs down.

A new and improved gearbox was built. This gearbox is very efficient at only 2% power loss due to friction. It offers the same power as before, but now it is even lighter in weight. We upgraded the bearings in size and capabilities. Our improvements will add years to the mixer and make it easier to move between drums.

Improved Bridge Design

Our Bridge which is used to hold the mixer is designed so the mixer can sit well on any IBC. It was designed to maintain the mixer in place over even open-topped IBCs. Our bridge is designed in a lightweight fashion, so much so that one person can easily move it, and there is no need for a forklift. It has rigid construction designed to last for years to come, just as our Even Mix™ mixer is intended. We created this with our customers in mind and how they would be using it. It will certainly work with all kinds of different IBCs.

Even Mix™ Mixers are working continuously to improve design and quality. We believe these new improvements are a great success.

About Even Mix™
Even Mix™ was founded in 2012. They offer Special Metal Prototyping and Stamping in the same building, boasting full metal capabilities of cutting, bending, welding, machining, and painting various metals. Even Mix™ is no stranger to innovation and success, and the Electric Drive is simply another example of their ingenuity. Since 2012, the Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program Alumni has grown by 100% annually and won prestigious awards, including the Weatherhead 100 Winner for Growth in Cleveland.