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Evermore Lighting: Brightening Up Coronavirus Quarantine with Decoration


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2020 --All might be a bit of turbulent and dark in a global pandemic, but things are becoming brighter thanks to Evermore Lighting, a LED decoration light company that designs and manufactures all types of decoration lights. They are designing holiday LED lights for decoration and building spirit-lifting street lightings to help bring cheer needed more than ever during the coronavirus time.

"It's the spirit of togetherness during coronavirus that has inspired us to design something even more cheerful, something that lights the darkness" Evermore designing team leader said. "We are excited to join into a project that shows brightness every night and brings joy to people"

Popular hashtag circulated online and on social media right now like #LightsForLife and #CoronaKindness serves a sign of hope and this is what Evermore Lighting has always believed. Where there are lights, there is hope. The elaborate display of large LED lighting like energetic deer and robust tree alongside with twinkling decoration strings lights up the room, filling it with brightness, warmth, and perhaps some joy.

Even it's not Christmas time, orders coming from European countries will continue for the foreseeable future as the demand rises. Merrymakers in Canada and some hard-hit Europe are also lighting up lawns and apartments. "There is nothing that can make people feel warmer and safe r than a bit light at night," said Evermore Lighting. When it turns dark, some commercial light decorations on the street bring people brightness, warmth, security, and most of all, hope and encouragement. "This is also echoed with the origin of Christmas decorations. When evergreen branches decorated with some small strings and ribbons by ancient people during the dark days in the winter, it's a symbol of hope that will bless everyone and remind them life would come back in the spring " one of the Evermore Lighting designers said.

Except for some decoration lights for streets or communities, home is another place that people can deck the halls. It's a family-friendly activity for those who have dragged out the decorations. Using some string lights to decorate and embellish the fronts or fences are a great activity for family and this works perfectly well with social distancing protocols as whoever passes through can appreciate the displays, even from car windows. Evermore can even provide the design work to tailor for everyone's needs. This helps individuals to create their lightings and later share their works on social media where even those who are sheltering in their places can see them.

"To do a little decoration, no matter outdoor or indoor brings joy to people. It may be something small, but it can make a huge impact on people's lives. " said Evermore Lighting design director. It might be disappointing when everything is blooming in spring but everyone is told to stay home during the pandemic. But there are still things people can do. Evermore staff said "Just some home d├ęcor lights at home or a garden light with our special design and put it outdoor in the yard will bring you colors and fans to your monotonous quarantine situation."

Spreading joys can be delightful and easy-tech as well. A fancy colorful shining LED deer or a large twinkling LED car is not always necessary. Evermore presents their design with more than thousands of displays, and in all kinds of shapes, from palm-sized luminous ball to skyrocket gleaming LED trees and giant street complex, the showroom is rather spectacular. During the quarantine time, they have developed some practical UV lamps and portable UV light as well.

"We want to brighten up people's mood in these dark times and a bit of light with our design will do "

About Evermore Lighting
Evermore Lighting was founded in 1998 with a goal in mind: to offer the best quality and service of our decoration light design at affordable prices. Our products include large LED lights, decorative street lights, decorative string lights, best outdoor Christmas lights, outdoor commercial holiday lights, LED string lights, LED garden lights, LED rope lights, germicidal UV light, etc. We've been selling holiday lights and commercial festival light decorations since 1998. Whether it is a 20 meters or 30 meters high commercial Christmas tree in the public square or simply a string of multicolor LED bulbs, we love the feeling of bringing happiness by offering beautiful lighted products for your holiday and we are proud of our design!